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Learn How CFOs Can Use Internal Audit to Secure Strategic Outcomes

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Discover how Oracle Cloud Risk Management and Compliance makes audits more efficient, resilient, and valuable for your enterprise.

Download the ebook to:

  • Discover how audit automation and workflow can free you up from repetitive, manual tasks.
  • Explore how embedded risk intelligence in your ERP generates efficient and effective audits.
  • Learn how Skechers and TrueBlue are leveraging these tools to continually improve controls, spend less time on audit and more time on strategic risk management.
We've grown so much internationally in the last ten years. You'd probably expect that for a company our size, we'd have a large internal audit function, but we only have six people because we are able to leverage Oracle Risk Management Cloud.

Ashwat Panchal Vice President of Internal Audit, Skechers

Make strategic moves without compromising the security or integrity of your financials.

Oracle Risk Management and Compliance

Learn how to manage risk and compliance with AI and the cloud.