Oracle Payroll Core Datasheet

for intergovernmental and nongovernmental organizations

Key features

  • Ability to offer net pay in multiple currencies
  • Self-service tools for employees and managers
  • Unified payroll, HCM, and time and labor in a single platform
  • Comprehensive calculation tools that are easily configurable without complex coding or IT support
  • Ability to interface with pension systems, such as the United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund (UNJSPF)
  • Ability to allocate costs to both general ledger and project financial management solutions
  • Automated retroactive calculations

Key benefits

  • Improve the employee experience with easily accessible and flexible payroll
  • Give your workforce more time to focus on meaningful work by reducing complexity
  • Automate tasks using AI, robotic process automation (RPA), and machine learning
  • Access and audit data continuously throughout the payroll cycle instead of waiting for the pay period to close
  • Seamlessly source information to process payroll with unified time and absence, benefits, compensation, and more
  • Improve auditing capabilities, security, and records management

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Oracle Payroll Core is a flexible payroll management solution that allows organizations, such as intergovernmental and nongovernmental agencies, to easily configure payroll to adhere to complex international pay rules using a single human capital management (HCM) solution—saving time and resources.

Design your payroll

Oracle Payroll Core enables you to configure salary components, such as post adjustments, allowances, duty stations, education credits, danger pay, and mobility incentives. Traditional payroll solutions are often designed to adhere to specific country pay rules and lack the flexibility to manage international pay rules. With Oracle Payroll Core, you can comply with the specific international pay rules necessary to manage payroll for a diverse multinational workforce.

Simplify your payroll

Manage employee payments with a completely unified solution that links HR with payroll, reducing the need for manual entries and providing real-time access to employee information. Oracle Payroll Core increases visibility across the organization by automating and streamlining the payroll process in one integrated system. In addition, you can leverage built-in features, integrated with Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM, that automate payroll flows and validate data to ensure payroll accuracy.

Empower your workforce

Oracle reduces payroll complexity with a flexible solution that’s unified with HCM, giving your workforce more time to spend on meaningful work. Easily configure calculation tools without complex coding or IT support, and leverage built-in payroll efficiencies from leading practices rather than customizations. Empower employees with self-service tools they can access from any device and use to view payslips and year-end statements, update banking information, and more.

Modern payroll for your workforce

Improve the employee experience and enable greater business agility with secure self-service tools, natively built on a single next-generation cloud platform.

Ditch the spreadsheet: Tailor your payroll system so it adheres to your company’s unique payroll rules, and save time by no longer manually calculating payroll using complex spreadsheets.

Pay anytime, anywhere: Pay employees anytime, anywhere around the globe with net pay in multiple currencies. Offer financial flexibility with Oracle Anytime Pay, which allows employees to access earned wages when they need them instead of having to wait for payday.

Streamline processes: Make payroll management easier and more secure by unifying payroll, HCM, and time and labor within in a single platform, reducing the need for manual inputs across systems and providing real-time access to employee information.

Minimize risk: Minimize compliance risk with automatic updates covering global, national, and local payroll laws and regulations.