Product Tour—Oracle Dynamic Skills

Oracle Dynamic Skills

As the world of work evolves, organizations need to understand what skills they have and how to put them to work across the business. With Oracle Dynamic Skills, you can continuously detect, manage, and grow the skills you need to fuel your talent supply chain, driving business agility, transformation, and growth.

Get a tailored inventory of skills on day one

Create a tailored skills inventory that reflects the DNA of your business on day one with Skills Nexus, a deep learning engine that uses organization-specific data, including skills imported from LinkedIn, and a global pretrained skills and jobs model to detect, relate, and refresh skills.

Automatically detect and continuously update new skills

Regularly capture new skills and keep your organization’s skills inventory fresh by incorporating information from employee, manager, team, and candidate interactions in Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM.

Provide recommendations for development and growth based on skills

Match skills to jobs, learning courses, gigs, and mentors through Skills Advisor, a powerful AI-driven engine, to provide personalized, relevant recommendations that speak to the needs and aspirations of both the employee and the organization.

Extend skill development through the entire employment journey

Offer skill development recommendations from the prehire stage through the whole employee lifecycle to enrich your employees’ experiences, all while providing insights back to the organization so you always have a complete view of the skills across your workforce.

Find the right talent

Help candidates enrich their job applications by providing relevant, targeted skills suggestions that match applicant skills to required job skills and definitions within the organization.

Help employees showcase their skills

Help individuals better position themselves for work and development opportunities by providing them with a personalized Skills Center that enhances their profiles with related, inferred, adjacent, and potentially missing skills.

Drive skills-based learning

Develop the right skills for your workforce by providing employees with recommended learning opportunities in their Skills Center based on business objectives or the skills they want to develop to achieve their career goals. Content tagged with associated skills helps individuals explore, consume, and complete learning courses that are aligned with their interests.

Boost career mobility

Make it easy for your managers to meet short-term needs and individuals to find and gain on-the-job experience by associating relevant skills with gig details in Oracle Opportunity Marketplace.

Give employees the agency to determine their own career paths

Provide employees with a personalized portal that recommends relevant skills, learning and job opportunities, gigs, and mentors. This puts power back in the hands of employees, allowing them to determine where they want to take their careers, how they wish to develop their skills, and which mentors to work with.

Empower managers to know and grow their team’s skills

Help your managers quickly identify and close skills gaps by providing a central place to review, assign, and manage skill development across their teams.