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May. 17, 2021

Amid a global pandemic and widespread economic uncertainty, consumers and corporations alike need financial flexibility now more than ever. It is a critical time to embrace new forms of financial flexibility through technology. Read to learn more about how servitization, the Cloud and the Internet of Things can assist or improve your business model.

May. 11, 2021

The market value of the worldwide mutual fund industry has seen a consistent increase in the past decade and is poised to grow further in the near future. The growth of this industry highlights the importance of risk management practices, particularly liquidity risk management. Find out how a comprehensive liquidity solution can aid investment companies to revamp the redemption and cash flow management process.

May. 11, 2021

To simplify processes, reduce costs and enhance employee experience for its more than 26,000 colleagues, HealthPartners is teaming up with Oracle to move business processes in finance, supply chain and human resources to the cloud. In addition, HealthPartners recently implemented Oracle Health Insurance Enterprise Policy Administration, Oracle Insurance Gateway, and Oracle Revenue Management and Billing to improve its billing processes, help maintain compliance to new regulations and pricing rules and enable clear and auditable premium calculations.

Mar. 19, 2021

ClearView has adopted Oracle Insurance Policy Administration (OIPA) as part of its digital transformation effort to drive scale, efficiencies, and customer satisfaction. With OIPA, ClearView has the foundation it needs to modernize and improve operational efficiency while accelerating new product and service development.

Jan. 19, 2021

The new Oracle consumer banking research shows that today's younger consumers want convenience and simplicity from their banks. And, they want it served up in front of them in the digital equivalent of an easy button. More than anything, the data reveals that the emerging generations of banking customers are more interested in learning and being educated, respected, and mentored as they grow into their financial lives.

Nov. 25, 2020

Myanmar's fast-growing SATHAPANA Limited taps Oracle FLEXCUBE to modernize and introduce new products and services for lending. SATHAPANA chose FLEXCUBE and First Myanmar Solution Company Limited, who supplied and implemented Oracle technology and network infrastructure, to support SATHAPANA's overall digital transformation strategy and vision for unification across the region.

Nov. 11, 2020

SATHAPANA Limited, a rapidly growing microfinance institution in Myanmar, has replaced its legacy core banking system with Oracle FLEXCUBE. With the flexibility and scalability of FLEXCUBE, SATHAPANA will be able to improve its operational efficiency while speeding the release of its products and services to its lending customers.

Nov. 6, 2020

Witty, one of the UK's newest challenger banks, has been building out its technology stack with Oracle. The start-up selected Oracle FLEXCUBE as its core banking system.

Nov. 5, 2020

Oracle Financial Services has landed a trio of new deals for its core and digital banking systems in Oman, Kuwait, and Tanzania. Oman Arab Bank decided to unite its Shariah operations under Oracle's system, and Gulf Bank of Kuwait is migrating its digital banking to Oracle. International Commercial Bank in Tanzania has signed up for a group of Oracle systems, which includes modules for trade finance, digital banking, payments, and treasury.

Nov. 5, 2020

Banrural is the second-largest bank in Guatemala, with around $9.5 billion in assets. The bank has signed up for Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking, Oracle Banking Payments, Oracle Banking Trade Finance, and Oracle Banking Treasury Management.

Nov. 4, 2020

Myanmar's fast-growing SATHAPANA Limited taps Oracle FLEXCUBE to modernize and introduce new products and services for lending. Oracle enables microfinance institutions such as SATHAPANA to provide personal, small business, and group lending to communities that have not previously had banking services accessible to them.

Nov. 3, 2020

With the launch of new cloud services built on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Oracle provides a helping hand to banks and financial institutions that must combat money laundering and other forms of financial crime. Oracle Financial Crime and Compliance Management Cloud Services is an application suite designed for midsized banks and smaller financial institutions. It offers services for the full anti-money laundering (AML) lifecycle, where organizations can quickly identify abnormal customer behaviour and streamline compliance activities.

Nov. 2, 2020

In the disruption following the global lockdown, it became immediately clear that for corporates in today's landscape, better cash flow management and forecasting have become even more significant priorities. According to Jeffrey Edison, Global Solutions Lead at Oracle Financial Services, using virtual accounts is one key enabler to cash visibility and forecasting.

Oct. 28, 2020

Oracle announced new cloud services to help midsized banks combat money laundering and outsmart financial crime. Oracle Financial Crime and Compliance Management Cloud Service brings two decades of experience in fighting big bank financial crime to an easy-to-manage, cost-effective application suite designed for midsized banks.

Oct. 21, 2020

Corporations are under constant pressure to manage capital efficiently and adapt to changing environments. In turn, banks must offer transaction-banking solutions that can rapidly scale based on the dynamic shifts with corporate client demands. With the new Oracle Banking Virtual Account Management Cloud Service, banks can quickly deploy a wide range of banking services that help their corporate customers easily access their cash position and manage working capital at any time.

Oct. 19, 2020

Banks can provide supply chain financing and extend funding to vendors or dealers and the corporate's balance sheet to help a business bolster working capital. To that end, Oracle Financial Services is offering a new supply chain finance feature to help banks deliver more flexible financing options. By leveraging associated large corporates' balance sheets, small corporations will have cheaper and earlier access to working capital, allowing banks to generate additional revenue streams from interest and fees.

Oct. 13, 2020

Malta-based fintech company Paymentworld Europe Ltd has upgraded the software powering several of its payment services to Oracle FLEXCUBE, a market-leading core banking system used by some of the biggest banks around the world.

Oct. 8, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a new set of global challenges, including an economic downturn and a disrupted working environment. For the financial services industry, the anti-financial crime and compliance functions are still expected to maintain effectiveness and drive efficiencies, even as banks manage costs and squeeze more out of every dollar spent. Read more to learn three ways financial institutions can combat financial crime effectively in today's disrupted environment.

Oct. 7, 2020

Oracle Banking Payments supports SWIFT's latest service to make global cross-border payments fast, easy, predictable, and frictionless for small and medium enterprises (SME) and consumer markets. With Oracle Banking Payments' built-in integration with the new SWIFT service, banks can minimize disruption to customers' existing technology infrastructure to meet dynamic cross-border payment needs and lower the total cost of ownership.

Oct. 7, 2020

Oracle Banking Payments is supporting SWIFT's latest service to speed effortless global cross-border payments for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and consumer markets. Financial institutions using Oracle Banking Payments are expected to better compete with global payment providers and card platforms for low-value transfers in major currency areas with SWIFT's new account-to-account service for SMBs and consumers.

Oct. 6, 2020

Oracle Banking Payments is supporting SWIFT's latest service to make global cross-border payments fast, easy, predictable, and frictionless for small and medium enterprises (SME) and consumer markets. SWIFT's new service offers the possibility of borderless low-cost account-to-account currency transfers from the bank's own app or portal, and Oracle Banking Payments' readiness makes this transition easy and fast for SMEs.

Sep. 13, 2020

Brain Station 23 Limited (BS 23) and United Commercial Bank Limited (UCB) have recently signed a contract to introduce Islamic banking in UCB using Oracle FLEXCUBE as Shariah-based banking is becoming popular. Implementing this solution will take the UCBL forward to an advanced level of real-time and comprehensive banking.

Sep. 12, 2020

With a reputation for developing high-quality fintech applications, Brain Station 23 Limited is one of the leading software companies in Bangladesh working with large financial institutions and enterprises. Brain Station has signed a contract with United Commercial Bank Limited (UCBL) to implement Islamic banking using Oracle FLEXCUBE to upgrade the bank's overall service management.

Aug. 12, 2020

Like nearly all other aspects of business, anti-financial crime and compliance functions have been impacted by the disruption and uncertainty created by COVID-19. With financial institutions trying to squeeze more value from every dollar, financial crime functions are under pressure to drive efficiency and effectiveness across their programs Discover how financial institutions can effectively fight financial crime amid today's economic realities and the pandemic aftermath.

Jul. 22, 2020

Phoenix Life, part of the Phoenix Group, has selected Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications (OFSAA) to drive better operational efficiency and data governance. Phoenix Life is currently onboarding the Oracle IFRS 17 Analyzer as a priority to meet the new International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS 17) taking effect from January 2023.

Jul. 21, 2020

Phoenix Life has licensed Oracle's technology to comply with the upcoming accounting standard IFRS 17. The UK insurer will use Oracle IFRS 17 Analyzer, a prebuilt tool with a set of computations, rules, and disclosures.

Jul. 10, 2020

To build resilience as the economy starts to improve, banks have to integrate digitalization into their blueprints to mitigate the business impact. BRAC Bank, one of the youngest and fastest-growing banks in Bangladesh, leverages Oracle Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Oracle Cloud Human Capital Management to simplify, streamline and automate their business processes to get faster access to information.

Jul. 9, 2020

Regulators have gotten more comfortable with new KYC technologies, including machine learning (ML) and robotic automation (RA), but they require a clear understanding of the model used. Regulators want to understand the impetus driving the move to a new KYC solution and whether the proposal to use new KYC technology is part of a planned strategy for growth or a reaction to a deficiency, violation, past pattern, or practice.

Jun. 24, 2020

Banks used to win customers over by offering competitive interest rates, great services, and accessibility by having many locations. The world has changed now, and banks and fintech companies are being forced to compete by optimizing their customer experience. A study by Oracle found that 81% of consumers are already using digital channels to engage with their banks, and 69% of consumers would like their entire financial life cycle on digital channels. Read more to find out what customers are looking for in their digital banking experience.

Jun. 24, 2020

Traditional banks are now being forced into a digital-first business model. They have had to shut down branches for an extended period due to strict social distancing measures implemented by governments worldwide. Banks are starting to rearchitect their core finance processes and explore remote capabilities that benefit their business and, ultimately, customers. For example, Asia Commercial Bank, one of the largest retail banks in Vietnam, deployed Oracle Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to streamline its finance, procurement, and project expense management processes.

Jun. 9, 2020

Facing unyielding competition from new players, tighter margins, and changing customer expectations, banks are on a quest to optimize customer profitability. And the key to achieving this goal is right in their laps—customer data. With a unified data model, firms are better positioned to create an enhanced and connected customer experience. Read to find out three areas where banks can leverage data to win customers and maintain and potentially expand their market share.

Jun. 1, 2020

Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd group VP for Asia-Pacific, Japan, Middle East and Africa, Venky Srinivasan, said given the current situation and its impact on global economies, the emphasis on driving financial inclusion has become significantly enhanced. One key narrative that is paramount for applicants to consider is how the value proposition of its business provides for empathy in the services the bank offers in these challenging times.

May 20, 2020

Oracle Financial Services has made Investigation Hub, its in-memory graph visualization tool, available in its enterprise case- management application and in other third-party AML case managers. Investigators can interactively scrutinize money laundering networks and apply graph analytics to increase the effectiveness of their investigations.