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Oracle Hospitality for Food and Beverage—Enterprise Menu Management

Streamline Menu Management

Enterprise Menu Management (EMM) enables operators to outsource food and beverage data management to our expert dedicated team. EMM takes away the burden of maintaining centralized POS and inventory data, eliminating in-house programming and allowing you to streamline managerial and IT tasks. EMM provides accuracy and efficiency on all menu, pricing, and inventory updates across the business, ensuring cohesive structure and brand standards are maintained in a fast-paced industry.

Eliminate the burden of in-house maintenance and potential error, which can impact trade, operations, and profitability

Eliminate the burden of in-house maintenance and potential error, which can impact trade, operations, and profitability.

Gain Efficiency, Reduce Costs

Gain Efficiency, Reduce Costs

  • Manages both small and large operations ranging from single property up to global enterprises
  • Extensive experience in managing franchise markets
  • Undisrupted operations and consistent coverage
  • A global team with a range of language skills, many with hospitality backgrounds
  • Over 100 customers globally
  • Proven successes with positive customer testimonials
Blog: Simphony and RES 3700 Users: Enhance Point-of-Sale Configuration with Oracle Hospitality Enterprise Menu Management

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