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Casino and Gaming Technology for the New Next

Oracle Hospitality brings industry-leading solutions and deep expertise in hospitality operations to the casino and gaming industry. Grow your non-gaming revenues by delivering the exceptional experiences guests seek at your properties and restaurants with market-leading POS and property management solutions for the new next in hospitality.

Oracle Hospitality Casino and Gaming Solutions

Transforming the Casino

For casino operators, the writing on the wall couldn’t be clearer: Today’s guests are not embracing traditional casino games. But rather than raise the alarm, the trend paves the way for the conversion of casinos into all-encompassing entertainment businesses anchored by exceptional guest experiences. And with a 40-year track record of developing pioneering hotel property-management and gaming solutions to enhance service and revenue, no one is better suited than Oracle Hospitality to guide your transformation. Led by millennial consumers who demand zero-friction service, the modern guest expects a seamless, first-class experience anywhere—whether it’s in a casino, hotel, or restaurant. Oracle Hospitality delivers fully integrated foundational systems, ensuring communication among casino technology, PMS, and point of sale that creates the encounters guests covet. Oracle Hospitality continues to build on its legacy of reducing IT cost and complexity with an unrivaled commitment to cloud solutions. It’s time to innovate. Don't leave your future to chance—contact Oracle today.

Featured Webcast

Creating the Coveted Guest Experience

Invest 30 minutes of your time to:

  • Gain insights from a survey of consumers and hoteliers
  • Learn how technology can help improve the on-property, in-room, and destination guest experience
  • Discover what hotel guests really want, what they are willing to share, and how they would like to engage

Learning Library

Casino and Gaming Technologies

A Data-driven Look at Hospitality's Recovery
A Data-driven Look at Hospitality's Recovery

We surveyed hospitality leaders around the world to learn how they are evolving in hospitality's "new next". Discover best practices in new research from Oracle and Skift.

Oracle Hospitality KDS video
Accelerate Kitchen Operations with Oracle Hospitality

Discover how Oracle Hospitality Kitchen Display System can help increase speed of service and elevate guest experience.

Smart Guide to Property Management Systems report
Smart Guide to Property Management Systems

Take advantage of a checklist that helps you evaluate PMS systems and includes vendor questions, a buying roadmap, and other valuable insights.


The Loyalty Divide in Hotels and Restaurants—Operator and Consumer Perspectives

Loyalty programs are essential in today’s competitive market, but how do you know if yours is working?