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Next-generation hotel sales and event management software

Oracle Hospitality OPERA Sales and Event Management (OSEM) is an extensive sales and catering management application that seamlessly integrates with Oracle Hospitality OPERA Cloud Service products for streamlined operations and maximized revenue. With the advantages of the cloud, you can take our event management system mobile for offsite customer visits or roam the property with customers during site inspections, check availability of inventory, and make changes to the customer’s bookings while on the go.

OPERA Reporting and Analytics
Tailored Event Management

Tailored event management software

  • On-the-go sales and event management software for maximizing revenues from conference and banqueting.
  • Customer account, contact, and activity management supports sales efforts by collecting information to speed bookings and data analysis.
  • User-defined dashboards provide single-point access to key information.
  • Manage and maintain all group blocks—corporate, social, FIT allocations—in one system. No inventory discrepancy or verifying inventory in separate applications for accommodation, meeting rooms, and rates.
  • Simplified catering resource management with flexible menu options and item inventory control.
  • The function diary feature provides drill-down features for in-depth details and offers full access to all details of your bookings for easy and efficient changes and additions.
  • More than 50 out-of-the-box reports and customizable stationery by the user.
See It In Action

Product Features

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The Block Presentation

The Block Presentation provides an overview of the group details for quick access to important data points like dates, market, blocked and picked-up room nights, and owners.

The Event Presentation

The Event Presentation is one screen with all you need to know about your event: date and start time, attendees, function space, special indicators for loud event and do not move, and the current on the books revenue.

The Function Diary

The Function Diary is where you go to find out which events are happening where in your hotel as well as quick access to details about those events, what space is available for booking, and how many sleeping rooms are available for the same date.

The Manage Resources Screen

The Manage Resources screen is where you go to book menus and Items for an event. The innovative drawer design allows for accessing information about the menus and Items, while preserving all of the relevant event information for continued viewing.

Event management made easy

OSEM at a Glance

OPERA Cloud Sales and Event Management at a Glance

In this short overview, learn more about the key benefits of our event management software including event management, customer management, mobility, user-defined dashboards, group management, simplified catering resource management, redesigned function diary, and out-of-the-box reports and stationery.

OPERA Sales and Event Management

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OPERA Cloud and OPERA Sales and Event Management

OPERA Sales and Event Management provides real-time availability to rooms and function space and. when paired with cloud-based OPERA Cloud Property Management provides a streamlined experience to help you book quickly and efficiently; giving you more time to run your everyday business.

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