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Transform the Future of Industrial Manufacturing

Transforming the future of industrial manufacturing demands a scalable cloud platform. See how Oracle can help you start your ideal journey to the cloud.

Oracle Industrial Manufacturing Verticals

No matter what your company size, Oracle offers a complete cloud vision that includes a secure, integrated portfolio of solutions.

Durable Goods Manufacturing

Durable goods manufacturers worldwide use Oracle Cloud solutions to differentiate themselves from competitors.

Heavy Equipment and Machinery Manufacturing

Heavy equipment and machinery manufactures worldwide use Oracle Cloud solutions to bring profitable new products to market.

Industrial Products and Components

Leverage superior performance, simplified management, and cost-saving efficiencies with Oracle Cloud solutions.

Industrial Manufacturing Point of View

Revolutionary technologies, including cloud and IoT, are empowering industrial manufacturers to develop new business models. Learn how Oracle is leading the way.

Industrial Manufacturing Trends



The hyperconnected business creates transformative opportunities through analytical insights and new, data-driven capabilities. Digitalization is changing industries and creating others through the power of connecting customers, products, and even society at large.



New revenue opportunities are rooted in customer centricity, value-added services, and product-as-a-service business models. Industrial manufacturers are building their business abilities to respond and capitalize on the servitization economy.

Oracle Leads the Field in Service Management

Oracle Leads the Field in Service Management

Expectations have risen for field service operations. Oracle has created the modern platform leveraging technician knowledge augmentation, outcome-based service business models, and AI-driven scheduling and decision support.

What's New in Industrial Manufacturing

Oracle Cloud Extensibility Framework

Learn how to customize, protect, and extend SaaS applications with the Oracle Cloud Extensibility Framework. This technical brief shares a number of customer examples where the framework provided the business functionality critical for successful deployments in the cloud. (PDF)

Driving Digital Transformation with Industry 4.0 and Integrated Business Planning

In Frost & Sullivan's latest virtual think tank (VTT), industry thought leaders discuss what manufacturers must do to succeed in their journey to digital transformation. This research outlines critical next steps to leverage Industry 4.0 and Integrated Business Planning.

Enabling the Lean Enterprise with Oracle Manufacturing Cloud — A Case Study

See how Mecalac, a manufacturer of compact class construction equipment, is using their Oracle Cloud applications globally to increase productivity, execute optimally and collaborate across their supply chain to get better results.

How Digital Transformation is Driving Change for Manufacturers (PDF)

Frost & Sullivan recently conducted a virtual think tank (VTT) with industry thought leaders to understand how digital transformation is driving change for manufacturers.

Digital Transformation Survey (PDF)

IndustryWeek market research shows that although over 80% of manufacturers already have or plan to develop a digital transformation strategy, the results to date are mixed. Learn where manufacturers are investing, where they see challenges, and where they are experiencing success.

The Role of Industry 4.0 in Business Transformation (PDF)

Frost & Sullivan recently formed a virtual think tank with leading industry visionaries to assess how Industry 4.0 is transforming every aspect of the manufacturing value chain. This report will help you better understand the impact of Industry 4.0 and how it is poised to help the manufacturing industry become smarter, faster, simpler, and more responsive.

Oracle Cloud Enables Additive Manufacturing

The newly minted unit of General Electric called GE Additive is harnessing next-generation “additive manufacturing” technology to rewrite the rules for how companies design, build, and create products.

Oracle Leads the Field in Service Management

Expectations have risen for field service operations. Oracle has created the modern platform leveraging technician knowledge augmentation, outcome-based service business models, and AI-driven scheduling and decision support.

Industrial Manufacturing Solutions

Industrial Manufacturing Solutions

Oracle Cloud applications will impact virtually every aspect of industrial manufacturing, from enterprise resource planning (ERP) and financial management to data analytics, customer experience (CX,) and human capital management (HCM). The applications will also prove integral to how high tech manufacturers digitally integrate themselves into industrial supply chains (SCM). At the manufactured-product level, Oracle Cloud applications will enable everything from how products and services are researched, designed, and developed, to how they are fabricated and manufactured, and how they are used by customers and serviced in the field.


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