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What are industry experts saying about HeatWave?

Constellation logo

“The evolution of MySQL continues as Oracle accelerates developer velocity. Oracle previously provided a single unified platform for both OLTP and OLAP, eliminating the need for multiple databases and tools to ETL across databases. Now Oracle brings out new innovations which are set to likely disrupt the market, significantly lifting the expectations for what open source cloud databases should be. With machine learning-based automation in Autopilot and scaling in memory, nodes, and storage, Oracle sets developers free to develop next generation applications running on the much faster and cheaper MySQL HeatWave compared to any platform they may try.”
—Holger Mueller, VP and Principal Analyst, Constellation Research

Leading Cloud Analyst Holger Mueller of Constellation Research published his take on MySQL Autopilot and concluded that "Customers using MySQL or MySQL-compatible databases should evaluate MySQL Database Service with HeatWave now."

Read the report (PDF).

IDC logo

“Some cloud database providers continue to offer specialized databases for specific workloads, and assume, especially in the open source space, that developers like to manually tinker with parameters to optimize performance. Oracle is on a different track, looking to combine database functionality in a single system. It provides database convergence and automation in the open source cloud database service, MySQL HeatWave. Oracle introduced MySQL HeatWave late in 2020, bringing full native cloud support and unifying OLTP and OLAP in one database, which eliminated the need for ETL. In this newly announced version, Oracle has added machine learning-based automation, which takes away the guesswork and manual labor involved in provisioning, data loading, query execution, and failure handling. These automations are also a major factor in HeatWave’s performance and price/performance results as reported in the company’s publicly accessible and repeatable benchmarks, providing metrics which should compare favorably with those of other cloud database service providers.”
—Carl Olofson, Research Vice President, Data Management Software, IDC

IDC’s top database analyst, Carl Olofson, published his take on Oracle MySQL HeatWave news and concluded that "For MySQL database developers, this is a game changer."

Read Carl’s blog.

A new analysis from IDC’s Carl Olofson states that "Combined with HeatWave and Autopilot, MySQL Database Service may very well be the single greatest innovation in open source cloud databases in the past 20 years."

Read the analysis (PDF).

Wikibon logo

“Oracle have shown AWS and Snowflake how to design and architect a True MySQL Cloud Database. Customers can expect MySQL Heatwave to perform about 7 times faster than Amazon Redshift or Snowflake at 2-5 times lower cost. The benefits against Amazon Aurora are even greater. Enterprises of every size can run a single MySQL database for both OLTP & OLAP and eliminate ETL. Lines of business can plan to integrate in-line real-time analytics with systems of record and radically improve business process automation and costs.”
—David Floyer, CTO and Co-Founder, Wikibon

Wikibon CEO Dave Vellante interviewed Oracle VP of MySQL HeatWave and Advanced Development, Nipun Agarwal on The Cube.

Watch the video.

Wikibon CTO David Floyer posted his in-depth analysis of MySQL Autopilot and concluded that "the MySQL HeatWave technology is by far the best in the market now...Wikibon strongly recommends that enterprise IT departments set a three-year plan to eliminate separate OLAP databases and ETL from MySQL transactional databases."

Read the report (PDF).

“Open source developers who have not yet moved to MySQL Database Service with HeatWave are running out of reasons not to give it a try. Not only has Oracle simplified their lives with a unified OLTP and OLAP MySQL service, it has eliminated the need for a separate analytical database or data warehouse and ETLs between them. Plus, now it has delivered unparalleled performance and cost/performance. The latest additions include Autopilot, which has automated many onerous manual tasks from provisioning to data loading and query execution. Together with massive scale-out capabilities, this combination makes MySQL HeatWave melt down Snowflake and vaporize Amazon Redshift AQUA.”
—Marc Staimer, Senior Analyst, Wikibon

Marc Staimer concludes his analysis saying “It is now crystal clear that Amazon Aurora, Redshift with and without AQUA, Snowflake, Azure Synapse, and Google BigQuery are not in the same class as Oracle MySQL Database Service with Heatwave and Autopilot. They’re not even in the same league.”.

Read the report (PDF).

Futurum Research

“These new fully transparent benchmarks demonstrate HeatWave’s performance, price and scale advantages over all other MySQL and cloud databases. With up to 7x the performance and 35x the price/performance of Snowflake —a fraction of the cost—you can see the 5 dozen patents at work with the whiplash-inducing performance of HeatWave. Clearly, the cloud data warehouse market wasn’t ready for this, and now the competition needs to scramble as they grapple for answers.”
—Ron Westfall, Senior Analyst and Research Director, Futurum

Read the Futurum analysis on MySQL HeatWave vs Snowflake.

Futurum analyst and frequent CNBC commentator Daniel Newman and his team published their detailed analysis of the MySQL Autopilot news and concluded that: "The bottom line is we believe the competition just got outplayed on every measurable metric imaginable."

"Snowflake makes about as much sense as spending more to take a flight that gets you from London to New York in 6 days with 15 connections rather than a direct route that takes 8 hours."

"We believe that the MySQL Database Service with HeatWave offers the best value, bar none, across the entire MySQL DB market…the solution stands out with clear and unparalleled price/ performance advantages against the gauntlet of competition.”

Read the new Futurum analysis report (PDF).

Moor Insights & Strategy logo

“For organizations using MySQL, Oracle has given yet another reason to invest in its HeatWave offering by delivering seven times the performance at 1/5th the cost of solutions such as Snowflake. Oracle continues to align its innovation and resources to the needs of its customers and the market. For those looking to extract the most out of their MySQL environments, HeatWave should be given a hard look.”
—Matt Kimball, Sr. Analyst, Data Center Compute, Moor Insights & Strategy

Moor Insights & Strategy Analyst Matt Kimball published his analysis of MySQL HeatWave in Forbes and concluded "it's hard to look at what Oracle is doing with HeatWave and not be impressed."

Read the analysis.

The world's top ranked analyst Patrick Moorhead and his co-host frequent CNBC commentator Daniel Newman of Futurum recently hosted a podcast where they discussed the MySQL HeatWave news and concluded that "Oracle introduced MySQL HeatWave and they did send shockwaves because they named and shamed basically every database company out there and my favorite is what they talked about with Snowflake".

View the video.

According to Patrick Moorhead, "Oracle MySQL Database Service with HeatWave and Autopilot is a 'must have' for organizations looking to derive the most from their MySQL environments."

Read the report (PDF).

dbInsight logo

Make no mistake about it, with double the scale and ML-based optimization, MySQL HeatWave is very much about reducing cost, increasing simplicity, and introducing analytics to organizations that already have MySQL and are looking for solutions to run them more economically, more simply, while adding real-time analytics.
— Tony Baer of dbInsight and ZDnet

Read the dbInsight report.

ESG logo

“MySQL is a popular cloud relational database for mid-sized users and applications; but it has traditionally come with some limitations. Developers must suffer manual database setup and tuning as well as often poor performance running queries. That all changes now: Oracle’s MySQL Database Service with HeatWave addresses those issues--it's MySQL Autopilot uses advanced ML to automate provisioning, tuning and more, to drive crazy good performance and price/performance. Scalability is enhanced with node and processing capacity increases. With claimed specifications that are so far ahead of its competition as to simultaneously generate a broad grin and some skepticism, Oracle understands that the proof is in the pudding--not only is this open source, but the test case details are all being openly posted, meaning that interested MySQL users that are intrigued by a mix of astounding performance, reduced costs and no need to change applications, can actually go try the pudding for themselves”
—Mark Peters, Principal Analyst & Practice Director, ESG.

In its analysis, ESG noted that "…you’re probably looking at a generous order of magnitude price and performance advantage over alternatives you might be using or considering. That’s not a bad forecast to deliver to the CIO or CFO”.

Read the analysis (PDF).

KuppingerCole logo

“The new capabilities that Oracle added to MySQL HeatWave take it to the forefront of open-source cloud databases. Not only are several management functions automated with Autopilot, making guesswork obsolete, when they are combined with new scaling enhancements, the resulting price/performance ratio is far beyond other cloud database services. As we mentioned previously, ETL presents significant security threats. HeatWave’s combining OLTP and OLAP into a single, protected database instance can dramatically reduce the potential attack surface, improve security posture, and in the end, avoid a data breach or a compliance fine.”
—Alexei Balaganski, Lead Analyst, KuppingerCole Analysts

Read the KuppingerCole blog on MySQL Autopilot.

OMDIA logo

“The latest MySQL HeatWave announcement reaffirms and extends Oracle's commitment to the open source database market. Integrated with MySQL Database and optimized for OCI, HeatWave seamlessly brings together analytic and operational workloads within one database and does without sacrificing scale or performance. More than that, MySQL HeatWave introduces several innovations that promise to greatly elevate MySQL's price/performance value. For example, by engineering internally developed machine learning algorithms within MySQL HeatWave, Oracle can now automate and optimize database provisioning, data loading, query execution, and failure handling. This is not easy to replicate.”
—Bradley Shimmin, Chief Analyst, AI Platforms, Analytics, and Data Management at Omdia

In its analysis Omdia notes that "Customers invested in any MySQL derivative, whether on premises or in cloud, should move to or stick with MySQL Database Service on OCI."

Read the report (PDF).

WinterCorp logo

“For customers looking for an open source cloud data warehouse, MySQL HeatWave provides an in-memory query acceleration engine that delivers substantial competitive advantages over AWS Redshift, Aurora and Snowflake.”
—Richard Winter, CEO, Wintercorp

Cloudwars logo

these last two announcements around MySQL have been somewhat of a surprise…This could be the start of an industry revolution in open-source databases.
—Bob Evans, Cloud Wars author, published his take on the MySQL Autopilot.

Read the Cloud Wars article.

Screaming in the Cloud logo

Corey Quinn interviews Nipun Agarwal, Vice President of MySQL HeatWave at Oracle.

Listen to the podcast.

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