Recognizing Our 2023 HR Heroes

By Chris Leone, executive vice president, applications development, Oracle—September 21, 2023

Nearly every facet of work is undergoing massive change, from where we work and the tools we use to the skills that are most in demand. Today’s HR leaders are expected to adapt quickly, while still driving business outcomes and supporting their employees through the changing world of work.

To recognize customers that have gone above and beyond to help their teams and organizations succeed, we’re excited to share the 2023 Oracle Cloud HCM HR Heroes Awards. We received many outstanding nominations this year, and I’d like to thank and congratulate all the nominees. I’m excited to announce the following winners:

  • The “Cultivate Award” for thoughtful focus and design of the employee experience: Bank of Hawaii
    • Organizations in this category have demonstrated a commitment to understanding the entire journey of an employee’s career from the moment they are hired, through career growth, to the many life-changing events that happen along the way. These organizations are providing an employee experience that is supportive, intuitive, and tailored to each person at every phase of their career and life.
  • The “Engage Award” for creating a workplace with equal opportunities and a sense of belonging: Hearst
    • Organizations in this category have demonstrated that engaging people of different backgrounds, and listening to their unique voices are core values and have created goals that are shared, discussed, and made visible to all. These HR teams are leading the way in achieving these goals by providing equal opportunities and attracting the best talent from a deep and diverse workforce.
  • The “Innovate Award” for demonstrating a new and remarkable vision for the future of work: Wood
    • Organizations in this category are finding creative ways to help their organizations and people be resilient, flexible, and well-positioned for the future. They are changing the future of work with greater automation, productivity, and efficiency with technology such as the Cloud, AI, and ML.
  • The “Shift Award” for helping to accelerate a move to the modern cloud HCM: The United Nations Development Programme
    • Organizations in this category have realized the need to replace legacy technology to help improve the lives of their employees and strengthen their business. Being able to quickly pivot to a unified and complete HCM system, these organizations have been able to rapidly realize benefits such as reduced complexity, increased visibility, and easier collaboration.

These organizations exemplify an inspired vision for the future of work and a commitment to an exceptional employee experience. Congratulations!

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