NVIDIA Chooses Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for AI Services

NVIDIA AI Foundations and DGX Cloud run on OCI Supercluster connected with NVIDIA networking

OCI Supercluster™ surpasses the world’s largest supercomputer in size and can now scale up to 4,096 Compute Bare Metal instances with 32,768 GPUs

Austin, Texas—March 21, 2023

Oracle has extended its collaboration with NVIDIA to include running strategic NVIDIA AI applications on the new Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Supercluster™. NVIDIA has selected OCI as the first hyperscale cloud provider to offer NVIDIA DGX Cloud™, an AI supercomputing service, at massive scale. In addition, NVIDIA is running NVIDIA AI Foundations, its new generative AI cloud services, which are available through DGX Cloud, on OCI.

“OCI is the first platform to offer an AI supercomputer at scale to thousands of customers across every industry. This is a critical capability as more and more organizations require computing resources for their unique AI use cases. To support this demand, we continue to expand our work with NVIDIA,” said Clay Magouyrk, executive vice president, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

“The limitless opportunities for AI-driven innovation are helping transform virtually every business. NVIDIA’s collaboration with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure puts the extraordinary supercomputing performance of NVIDIA’s accelerated computing platform within reach of every enterprise,” said Manuvir Das, vice president of enterprise computing, NVIDIA.


OCI’s New Supercluster

NVIDIA DGX Cloud and the NVIDIA AI Foundations services that run on it leverage OCI’s unique Supercluster which was certified by NVIDIA to ensure it meets the high standards of DGX Cloud.

OCI’s Supercluster includes OCI Compute Bare Metal, an ultra-low latency RoCE cluster based on NVIDIA networking, and a choice of HPC storage. It has been deployed and validated by NVIDIA to support thousands of OCI Compute Bare Metal instances that can efficiently process massively parallel applications. OCI Supercluster networking can now scale up to 4,096 OCI Compute Bare Metal instances with 32,768 A100 GPUs. OCI Compute Bare Metal instances with NVIDIA H100 GPUs are now in limited availability.

Additionally, NVIDIA announced that Oracle is adding NVIDIA BlueField-3 DPUs to its networking stack.


Generative AI Services for Building Custom Enterprise Models

NVIDIA AI Foundations model-making services span language, images, video and 3D, as well as biology. Enterprises can use the NVIDIA NeMo™ language service and the NVIDIA Picasso image, video and 3D services to build proprietary, domain-specific, generative AI applications for intelligent chat and customer support, professional content creation, digital simulation and more. For biology AI model training and inference, the NVIDIA BioNeMo™ cloud service offers tools to quickly customize and deploy generative AI applications.

On OCI, custom models built with NVIDIA AI Foundations and model families like GPT-3 benefit from the OCI Supercluster, which includes purpose-built RDMA networking that delivers near line rate performance with microsecond latency and eliminates blocking issues for RDMA-dependent workloads.


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