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Oracle Customer Success — 2degrees Mobile Ltd.

2degrees Mobile Ltd.

2degrees Mobile Cuts Email Inquiries by 20%, Handles up to 40% More Chats Per Day, and Reduces Social Media Headcount Need by 30% Annually


We chose Oracle Service Cloud and Oracle Social Cloud for its flexible licensing model and comprehensive coverage across all channels. We cut email inquiries by 20%, reduced social media headcount need by 30% annually, and raised the overall customer care workforce productivity by 20%.

— Peter Doherty, Head of Service Development, 2degrees Mobile Ltd.

Founded in 2009, 2degrees Mobile Ltd. (2degrees) is New Zealand’s fastest growing full service telecommunications provider.  It offers prepay and pay monthly mobile plans and broadband products to meet the needs of over 1 million customers across different segments, including consumers, businesses, and enterprises.  

To differentiate its service and enhance competitive edge in the telecom industry, 2degrees introduced innovative mobile plans, such as New Zealand carryover minutes and data plans that last for up to a year, unlimited calls and text to New Zealand and Australia, and value packs for prepay customers. Roy Morgan Research recognized 2degrees as the “Mobile Phone Service Provider of the Year” over the last five consecutive years.

  • Eliminate duplicate workload for contact-center agents by consolidating technologies across multiple channels including email, web-chat, voice, public knowledgebase, and social media, into a single platform
  • Provide a new customer-facing FAQ and self-help platform and enable users to easily navigate and find the answers to their queries, such as data usage and product questions
  • Improve customer experience by gaining the ability to monitor and track agent productivity, such as email response times to mobile billing queries, and improve agent accountability
  • Gain flexibility to support future growth and easily allocate workforce across all channels, including using a mix of full-time and part-time agents based on business needs
  • Reduced inbound email inquiries by 20% per month by implementing Oracle Service Cloud’s SmartAssistant feature to deflect emails and direct customers to self-help content and find the most relevant answers
  • Increased agent accountability by encouraging users to proactively filter and categorize spam or unwanted emails, such as out-of-office notifications, based on keywords or customer email address, instead of manually responding or deleting unwarranted emails
  • Improved customer care workforce productivity by 20% by gaining real-time insight to track and measure response times and the overall throughput for email, web-chat and social media with Oracle Service Cloud’s prebuilt analytics
  • Avoided hiring additional resources into the social media team by using Oracle Social Engagement and Monitoring Cloud Service to easily monitor and respond to relevant social conversations, such as broadband network coverage
  • Enabled web-chat team to handle up to 40% more chats per day without increasing headcount, thanks to Oracle Service Cloud’s intuitive chat agent console
  • Improved the ability to allocate staff from a large team to cover various functions, such as moving a web-chat agent to cover shifts for email or social media team, with Oracle Service Cloud’s flexible licensing model
  • Enabled customers to easily understand, navigate, and find the right information by deploying a new customer-facing knowledgebase for FAQ and self-help content and improving searching capability, such as search engine optimization directly from Google and other search engines
  • Ensured consistent service by providing a single view of customer interaction history, such as mobile and broadband billings, and making it easier for agents to manage queries across multiple channels, including email, web-chat, voice, and social media
  • Increased the ability to target telecommunications products by adopting Oracle Social Engagement and Monitoring Cloud Service to monitor customer sentiment and competitor activities across social media channels and provide actionable insight instead of manually reading through the information
  • Improved resolution speed for all channels by using Oracle Service Cloud to configure a web form and requesting customer to provide their PIN number, enabling the company to reduce significant volume of authentication emails for customer requests
  • Supported future expansion to other departments, such as collection, by using a scalable Oracle Service Cloud to ensure seamless integration with third-party applications and enable rapid deployment


We selected Oracle Service Cloud and Oracle Social Cloud because the solutions offered a more flexible licensing model and provided comprehensive coverage for all channels. The solutions are also easy to use and scalable, supporting our future roadmap.

— Peter Doherty, Head of Service Development, 2degrees Mobile Ltd.


2degrees first implemented Oracle Service Cloud’s web-chat and then social media, email, and web self-service content. It spent the first 12 weeks in planning, design, and configuration, and deployed one component per month to ensure adequate time for testing and training.  The new platform went live smoothly in approximately seven months.

The company plans to implement the co-browse feature and expand the capability of Oracle Service Cloud as a CRM tool for broadband business.

About 2degrees Mobile Ltd.


Auckland, New Zealand



Annual Revenue

US$100 to US$500 Million


2degrees worked closely with Oracle Partner, Ideqa Ltd. to consolidate customer care channels with Oracle Service Cloud.  The partner played an integral role to ensure the project was completed on time and within budget.

“We were very impressed with the professionalism, commitment, and service Ideqa provided us throughout the implementation process. I would not hesitate to recommend their services. Oracle Service Cloud helped us deliver a higher level of service to our customers.” Doherty said.

Published:  Nov 23, 2016