Bausch + Lomb India sees 360-degree customer view with Oracle

Using Oracle CX applications, Bausch + Lomb expanded its contact lens market in India while reducing acquisition costs by 80%.


The key reason for implementing the Oracle CX platform was its ability to provide a singular view of the consumer across marketing and service platforms. In a category that requires an expert to guide new consumers, Oracle allows us to seamlessly transition consumers through their journey from building intent to handholding them during the onboarding process.

Rohan AroraHead of Marketing, Bausch + Lomb India

Business challenges

In India, only 6% of people who require vision correction use contact lenses. Leading contact lens supplier Bausch + Lomb India wanted to expand its market share through consumer trials of lenses. However, the journey from free trial to purchase involved many steps, and this complexity prevented Bausch + Lomb from scaling up efficiently.

The company needed to guide customers from a free lens trial to purchase, renewal, and beyond by addressing customer concerns and pivoting according to changing customer needs. Bausch + Lomb India wanted a digital framework that could provide a 360-degree view of the customer to improve customer service, advance partner relationships, reduce customer-acquisition costs, and expand customer retention.

One of the greatest advantages with the Oracle CX platform is that it has the seamless ability and functionality to allow us to add features and capabilities as our business grows. We think this is the right way to use technology.

Rohan AroraHead of Marketing, Bausch + Lomb India

Why Bausch + Lomb India Chose Oracle

Oracle took the time to understand what Bausch + Lomb India needed and proposed a customer lifecycle solution that would allow the company to adopt additional components over time. This helped address Bausch + Lomb India’s most important needs first while keeping an eye on the end goal: a seamless, integrated solution with a full view of the customer. Oracle customer experience (CX) solutions give the company the flexibility to pilot projects and test performance of sales and marketing campaigns—all at a cost that fits the company’s needs.


Bausch + Lomb began by using Oracle Responsys Campaign Management to run its marketing campaigns. With Responsys, the organization can now collate customer contact data through online and offline sources and run smarter, targeted campaigns. Responsys and the Oracle CX platform allowed the company to increase engagement, achieve higher conversion rates, and reduce acquisition costs by 80%.

Bausch + Lomb also uses Oracle B2B Service to manage customer and influencer data and to run lead management effectively. Oracle B2B Service plays an important role in helping the company nurture critical relationships with optometrists, who are key influencers. The company uses B2B Service to collect valuable information for improving, personalizing, and automating communications about their product details, in addition to promoting webinars and training.

The Oracle CX solutions give Bausch + Lomb India a unified view into customer behaviors, how customers engage with the company across various platforms, and predict customer intent. With Oracle CX’s ability to capture customer behavior and actions, the company has gained valuable insights to make its digital spend much more efficient.

Published:May 26, 2021