Cybereason helps end cyberattacks with Oracle Cloud

Using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, the cybersecurity leader provides customers with visibility and response at the speed of attack, along with better overall price-performance.


Together, we deliver unmatched visibility and risk reduction to our global customer base in order to reverse the cyberattacker’s advantage.

Lior DivCEO and Cofounder, Cybereason

Business challenges

From the enterprise to the cloud, today’s cyber-battlefields cover more ground than ever. Boston-based Cybereason is on the front lines, helping to stop threats wherever they appear, including on endpoints, servers, and the cloud.

Operational efficiency is the company’s calling card, and on the Cybereason Defense Platform, a single analyst can monitor 200,000 endpoints and respond to threats faster. Additionally, the platform improves threat detection and response time by 93%.

To help boost endpoint protection, Cybereason looked to gain better speed and price-performance across its global footprint.

Why Cybereason Chose Oracle

When Cybereason decided on a preferred cloud platform, it chose Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Working with Oracle, Cybereason can build a secure, standard platform, “an architecture we tested and we trust,” says Lior Div, CEO and cofounder. Among OCI’s built-in security capabilities is its ability to accelerate artificial intelligence threat detection.

Also, OCI’s global footprint allows Cybereason to offer customers in-country hosting in more locations, helping to address regulatory data sovereignty requirements.


Cybereason achieved global scalability, enhanced network performance, and latency measured in microseconds, all at a low cost.

Because Cybereason’s security technology is operations-centric, it uses OCI to collect and analyze huge volumes of data in real time, plus gain advanced behavioral analytics and deep contextual correlations.

The company’s customers benefit from a cloud native architecture that helps secure endpoints on a global scale, and fast deployment through Oracle’s support of industry-standard, open source tools like Terraform and Ansible.

With OCI, Cybereason helps end cyberattacks by being faster, smarter, and more powerful, the company’s formula for continued global expansion.

Published:June 8, 2021