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Cisco performance increases 60x using Oracle Cloud

Cisco uses Oracle’s Gen 2 Cloud Infrastructure to deliver 60 times better performance and 90 percent lower costs for its Tetration SaaS application.

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LOCATION: United States

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About the customer

A zero-trust approach

Founded in 1984 in Silicon Valley, Cisco Systems is among the most trusted names in network connectivity and security products. Yet the company’s Tetration security solution succeeds by trusting nothing.

By adopting what’s called a “zero-trust model,” Cisco Tetration helps stop cyberattacks by securing access for applications, users, end user devices, and even Internet of Things endpoints.

Cisco Tetration uses AI to learn what “normal” behavior of an application looks like, and thus spots abnormal activity that might indicate an attack.


With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, the Cisco Tetration application gets 70 to 75 percent CPU utilization, compared with 5 to 10 percent as seen with other cloud providers.

Customers can save up to 90 percent on total cost of ownership running Cisco Tetration on Oracle Cloud, compared to on site.
Navindra Yadav, Founder, Cisco Tetration

Customer Story

Efficiency in the cloud

Originally, the Cisco Tetration security platform ran only on hardware appliances installed at customers’ sites, which limited the market to large data centers. Today, Cisco also offers it as a cloud-based SaaS subscription, which lowers costs and opens up new markets.

Cisco Tetration requires tremendous processing power to analyze real-time telemetry from enterprise servers, networks, applications, and end user devices. From that data, it rapidly identifies and responds to threats—even when monitoring as many as 25,000 customer workloads simultaneously.

When the company started developing Cisco Tetration as a cloud service, it found issues in competitive platforms. Noisy neighbors and oversubscription practices across virtual machines resulted in extremely low performance, with only 5 to 10 percent CPU utilization. This inefficiency prevented Cisco from developing a viable SaaS business model.

By contrast, using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s bare metal instances allowed Cisco to achieve outstanding hardware efficiency. Because every bit of software running on those physical servers belongs to Cisco, the company’s developers could fine-tune the software to run with a steady 70 to 75 percent CPU utilization. This efficiency, coupled with high performance, helped launch Cisco Tetration as a successful cloud service.

Oracle Cloud portfolio

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Cisco Tetration SaaS offers scale flexibility. You can start small and grow as your demand grows, and also benefit from a significant reduction in TCO and faster time to value.

The partnership with Oracle has been fantastic. This is why this whole magic with Cisco Tetration is happening.

Navindra Yadav, Founder, Cisco Tetration