Neustar delivers faster marketing intelligence with Oracle

Identity resolution leader adopts Oracle Database 19c to boost the performance of its ElementOne scoring and segmentation solution.


Oracle Database 19c has given our ElementOne scoring and segmentation solution a performance boost—allowing us to provide much better service to our existing customers and grow to support new customers.

Nick SalemDistinguished Engineer, Neustar

Business challenges

Neustar, which corroborates 50 billion transactions for businesses daily, operates a business-critical, cloud-based analytics platform called ElementOne. The solution provides real-time lead scoring, custom segmentation, and market analytics. It helps the company’s SaaS customers identify which consumers are most likely to convert—in real time. The ElementOne platform needs to run 24/7, conflating data from 200-plus sources.

Neustar’s ElementOne solution combines location intelligence and spatial analysis with sophisticated analytics and predictive modeling. This gives clients real-time insights into the effectiveness of their marketing programs and store siting plans. Because the data is sensitive and needs to be available on demand, workflows must be highly secure, scalable, available, and reliable.

Oracle’s huge amount of spatial functionality to manage data types and perform complex calculations like drive times and trade areas—together with its JSON functionality to work with JSON structures and convert and query JSON documents—provides us with a rich toolkit to manage spatial and JSON data easily and efficiently in our database.

Nick SalemDistinguished Engineer, Neustar

Why Neustar Chose Oracle

Performance is critical to Neustar, as it lets the company provide insights to customers in real time. Support for spatial, JSON, and more in Oracle’s converged database also allows Neustar’s ElementOne platform to efficiently handle and process data from a variety of sources—without the communication and management overhead of specialized databases.


Neustar’s customers have benefited from several performance and productivity improvements in the Oracle Database 19c release.

For example, Neustar’s customers can run near real-time analytics 24/7. In many cases, this has boosted customer confidence to make more use of the company’s ElementOne solution. Also, Neustar has been able to add new customers while retaining the same service levels.

In addition, Neustar teams no longer need to employ manual techniques to meet their customers’ performance needs. Before migrating to the Oracle Database 19c release, Neustar had to build and maintain its own parsing and error-checking logic. The company replaced this with the native diagnosis capabilities in Oracle Database 19c, gaining a 2X to 3X overall performance benefit.

Oracle Database upgrades from prior releases have sped up the company’s spatial analysis, which now runs up to 300 times faster than before—dramatically boosting service levels and the quality of analytic insights for customers.

Published:April 22, 2021