Talcott Resolution moves 75% of IT portfolio to OCI, migrating in record time

The financial services firm migrates an extensive application portfolio to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure using Exadata Cloud Service in 10 months.


We migrated over 100 custom application environments and over 50 databases from a legacy data center to OCI with Exadata Cloud Service in half of the expected time for greater stability, security, and efficiency. We have also dramatically improved scaling on demand and provisioning, within minutes rather than months, to respond faster to business growth opportunities.

Bradley MillsHead of Software Engineering, Talcott Resolution

Business challenges

Talcott Resolution is a strategic risk partner for the insurance industry, offering services that provide capital flexibility and risk management efficiencies. Talcott manages $91 billion in assets for approximately 900,000 customers.

In 2018, Talcott Resolution was sold by its parent company, The Hartford. At the time, Talcott’s IT infrastructure was hosted in an on-premises environment at The Hartford’s data center. This scenario was costly and inefficient and limited Talcott’s control over its business data and compute needs. Per the terms of Talcott’s divestiture from The Hartford, the company needed to migrate all applications from its prior parent company’s data center within a 20-month TSA period, from start to finish.

Talcott wanted to create an agile, secure, scalable IT environment that would ensure continuity in current business operations and allow for rapid growth with future acquisitions, at a price point that made financial sense. Key requirements included the ability to migrate all business-critical applications with minimal impact on business functionalities, minimum downtime, and adherence to an aggressive separation timeline.

Why Talcott Resolution chose Oracle

With a long relationship and familiarity with Oracle Exadata Database and its proven stability, scalability, and security, Talcott selected Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) among other cloud providers.  

Talcott has also successfully adopted Oracle Fusion ERP Cloud applications and has benefitted from the continuous innovation and ability to react faster to business conditions.


Talcott moved its entire production portfolio of 100 custom application environments and over 50 databases to OCI in half of the expected time, with no impact to the business or its customers. Not only did the mission-critical Oracle Exadata Database on-premises migrate to Oracle Exadata Cloud Service on OCI with no code changes, Talcott also eliminated the need to procure licensing, which saves about $20 million in costs.

Compared to Talcott’s previous provider, automation with OCI is significantly cheaper to run while also offering new monitoring and security governance capabilities, which are mandated by Talcott’s stringent security control requirements.

Meanwhile, Talcott has also realized time-saving improvements since migrating to OCI. For example, a task like resizing compute shapes used to take months in an on-premises environment, but now have been effectively eliminated with OCI. Within minutes, Talcott can make modifications to servers and compute shapes, resulting in a more efficient delivery cadence when additional compute and cloud services are needed.

Talcott has been operating an optimal, stable, and reliable platform, evidenced by exceptional SLA achievements since migrating to OCI. As the company continues to operate its production portfolio within OCI, the simplicity and ease of service adjustments using Infrastructure-as-Code has enabled Talcott to manage changes in minutes, resulting in major efficiencies for the business.  


Talcott selected Cognizant and Performance Improvement Partners for implementation consulting services.

Published:February 25, 2022