Teads helps deliver brand-safe advertising results using Oracle Advertising

The global media platform helps advertisers support valuable content, such as that on diversity and inclusion, while optimizing campaign performance.


One of the main reasons we use Oracle as a partner is because they’re a third party that is coming to the table and giving us best practices. Brand safety isn’t a stagnant conversation. It’s a moving target every day, and Oracle is helping us constantly refine our approach.

Meg RuneariChief Experience Officer, Teads

Business challenges

Teads is an end-to-end media platform that helps publishers, advertisers, and their audiences get the most out of digital advertising. Teads has long-standing, direct relationships with many of the world’s largest and most prestigious media companies. For advertisers, the company ensures that clients’ ad dollars are spent on real audiences, completed views, and campaign results that truly move the needle for their businesses.

Providing this premium experience is easier said than done. Lots of platform providers promise high-quality results, but Teads saw the value in backing up that claim. In the digital advertising space, “trust is absolutely expected from every advertiser—big, small, and everything in between,” says Meg Runeari, chief experience officer at Teads. The company knew it needed a reliable verification partner to support its business model and guarantee that clients’ ad spends will meet and even exceed expectations.

Another big hurdle for Teads was ensuring scalable brand safety and suitability measures for all its unique clients, as every company aligns with different messaging and audiences. Brands always want to be shown in a positive light and invest in media that aligns with their core values. However, this becomes highly complex when advertisements can appear on web pages containing potentially controversial topics. Often these topics are unnecessarily avoided altogether due to vilified, yet harmless, keywords. Teads needed to understand the context of this content to help keep brands safe while still associating them with meaningful topics and supporting media that explores these important subjects.

We don’t ignore our responsibility to our customers, which is why we chose to be verified by the best of the best. Oracle Advertising is the perfect fit for us. The partnership is great, the relationship is strong, and it’s all evident by the results we’ve seen.

Meg RuneariChief Experience Officer, Teads

Why Teads chose Oracle

Teads selected Oracle Moat because its leadership recognized Moat’s power as a leading verification solution to ensure clients were getting the most value from their ad dollars. Its analytics capabilities combined with its seamless integration made it the perfect solution to reinforce Teads’ superior offerings, while providing valuable insights to customers.

With Moat as part of its ecosystem, and Teads already keen on contextual targeting and brand safety, implementing Oracle Contextual Intelligence was a clear choice. With direct integration of Oracle Contextual Intelligence into the company’s platform, the Teads team can quickly build custom contextual audience segments and apply the appropriate segments to specific campaigns. This effectively pairs audiences with content they’re likely to engage with, and it enables clients to exclude and include specific content based on its context.


Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience empowered Teads to reinforce its claim of being a premium media platform while driving even greater results for clients. Thanks to Oracle Moat, ads generate average in-view times of around 12 seconds, compared with many other social platforms that garner only about 1 to 2 seconds of view time on each ad. Instead of users simply scrolling past an ad, Teads can verify that each impression is going to be viewable and that the user will more likely be actively engaged, making the most of clients’ ad spend.

With Oracle’s Contextual Intelligence analyzing every word on a web page, Teads was able to discover that diversity key terms were brand-safe in their context 83% of the time. One example is assessing content that refers to race. For example, the word “black” was found to only relate to content unsafe for brands about 1% of the time. In the vastly positive contexts, the word was associated with content about sports, society, and automotive. Instead of blocking potentially valuable content, clients can now reach new audiences, garner exceptional results from their campaigns, and associate themselves with diversity and inclusion topics to promote social responsibility. A concept rarely seen in the digital advertising space, Teads is enabling brands to be part of meaningful conversations about these issues.

Teads’ combined effort with Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience has ensured exceptional advertising campaigns for clients that are not only low fraud, highly viewable, and linked with positive content, but are scalable. Because every brand has its own unique restrictions on how it wants to be treated and viewed in the digital ecosystem, being able to scale campaigns in a brand-friendly way was a top priority. Oracle Advertising enabled Teads to navigate which restrictions helped and which ones hindered campaign effectiveness. The company helped one advertiser analyze and update its restrictions, which resulted in a 25% to 30% uptick in ability to scale, unlocking new avenues to reach users. With Oracle’s help, Teads can have these conversations with other notable brands and motivate them to rethink restrictions, leading to similarly impressive results.

Published:March 4, 2022