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Oracle CX analyst reports

Oracle Advertising and CX

Advertising News and Opinion

What CMOs need to do to make ‘madtech’ happen


Fusion Marketing helps you simplify your stacks and focus on technologies that are integrated and support a seamless customer journey, from consideration and adoption all the way through to sales and loyalty.

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Oracle’s Moat Launches Outcomes API for CPG Sales, with StackAdapt as Initial DSP Partner


The Outcomes API will help advertisers transition to campaigns graded by results rather than loose proxies, such as engaged site visits.

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Limited third-party brand-safety controls, lack in measurement limiting ad spends in digital


As the world reels from disinformation, marketers are calling for more transparency and control over where their ads are placed.

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What’s Next for Contextual Targeting?


Brands need to start tapping into contextual advertising solutions that are dynamic, ever-evolving, and timely in reaching consumers when they are most engaged.

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Oracle collaborates with the Global Disinformation Index to help safeguard ad spend


We’re proud to announce a collaboration with GDI, an independent nonprofit that provides trusted nonpartisan ratings to assess a site’s disinformation risk, to help marketers safeguard ad spend and protect brands from inadvertently supporting disinformation sites.

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How to shape your marketing strategy for a post-pandemic future


Collaboration, diversity, and meaningful, business-aligned metrics should all be part of a re-evaluation that future-proofs your brand.

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CEO Next 2021: The up-and-coming leaders set to revolutionize American business


Software veteran Rob Tarkoff heads Oracle’s Advertising and Customer Experience software products, which helps thousands of companies digitize their marketing, customer service, advertising, and ecommerce.

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DISH Media and Oracle partner on targeted TV ads


DISH Media can now use its first-party data along with third-party data sets from Oracle Audiences, powered by Oracle ID Graph, to deliver more timely ads that are better targeted to a viewer’s interests.

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DISH Media and Oracle help marketers get the most out of their TV ads


To further enhance the ability for marketers to reach their desired target audiences, Oracle is announcing a new collaboration with DISH Media. Marketers can now send different ads to specific households through DISH TV and SLING TV using Oracle Advertising, with features enabling marketers to have more control in protecting personal information.

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Why *this* award really matters to us


Accolades come and go, but what we love is the feedback from customers. That said, we’re very proud that Redwood, Oracle’s next-generation design system, has won a San Francisco Design Week Award for user experience.

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Google’s cookie delay good news, but could be a ‘momentum killer’


With the announcement that Google would delay the phase out of third-party cookies until the end of 2023, industry experts, including Oracle’s Mollie Spilman, share their thoughts on the announcement and its implications.

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After Methbot Conviction, Ad Industry Zeroes In on CTV as Fraud Hotspot


After the 2016 Methbot case, advertisers are paying closer attention to the issue of ad fraud, and are sending a message to fraudsters that there are real criminal consequences. They are also calling on the industry to get "relentless" in stopping such scams, especially when it comes to Connected TV (CTV), perceived by many to be an easy target.

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How to shape your marketing strategy for a post-pandemic future


The adtech industry has undergone a lot of change over the last year, but not all of that was due to COVID-19, according to Ali Syed, director of international sales for Oracle Advertising. There are many other factors at play.

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RTB House collaborates with Oracle Moat to measure and enhance advertising


In a new collaboration with RTB House, advertisers leverage advanced attention metrics in Oracle Moat Measurement to build more effective campaigns by finding out how consumers are engaging and interacting with digital advertising across channels and devices.

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Oracle helps to usher in new approach to identity


Oracle announced in a recent blog post that it has teamed up with The Trade Desk and others to participate in Unified ID 2.0—a noncommercial, soon-to-be open source, interoperable framework that offers marketers a new approach to identity, while preserving the value exchange of advertising and respecting the privacy and protection of consumers.

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Oracle launches new video game advertising measurement technology


Oracle announced advertising measurement technology for 3D gaming environments, helping marketers better understand how ads perform in video games. These updates include impressions delivery and general invalid traffic (GIVT) measure for PC, mobile, and web-based gaming environments in Oracle Moat Measurement.

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Oracle unveils ad measuring technology for in-video games


Oracle unveiled the world’s first ad measurement technology for 3D in-game environments, making it easier for advertising professionals to measure the performance of their ads within video games.

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Oracle CX adds subscription management, 3D ad measurement


Oracle Advertising and CX has added 3D ad tracking and measurement for in-game ads, overcoming the ongoing technologies challenges around general invalid traffic (GIVT) and sophisticated invalid traffic (SIVT).

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Oracle announces 3D game ad performance metrics


Nate Skinner, global SVP of marketing for Oracle Advertising and CX, provides context on the updates for Oracle Subscription Management and Moat Measurement.

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Oracle announces in-game and ad measurement technology in new CX portfolio update


Oracle announced new solutions that let advertisers measure the effectiveness of ads in video games. This in-game advertising measurement technology includes impressions delivery and general invalid traffic (GIVT) measurement for ads in PC, mobile, and web-based 3D gaming environments via Oracle Moat Measurement.

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How building a holistic customer view will help publishers thrive in a post-cookie world


This year will bring a significant challenge: the deprecation of third-party cookies and other universal identifiers. But it’s not all doom and gloom. These upcoming changes to online advertising will be disruptive, but they will also provide incredible opportunities for advertisers and publishers alike.

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3 downstream effects of your brand safety decisions


Every technology decision can impact digital advertising. But what’s been overlooked in recent years are the downstream effects of brand safety choices. Continue reading for three factors they influence outside of protecting brand equity.

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Katrina Gosek: 'Put customers at the heart of everything you do'


Put customers at the center of everything you do, including marketing, product development, customer service, sales, etc. How can you build something that your customers love and will continue to use if you are not using them as your blueprint?

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5 Qs with Rohan Arora on technology for improved customer connect


Learn how Oracle customer Bausch + Lomb is using Oracle CX and Responsys Campaign Management to simplify the customer’s search for contact lenses and, in turn, help them to understand their customers better.

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Contextual advertising: The solution to a cookie-less future?


Check out a round-table discussion of the next generation of contextual advertising and how it can help with targeting as the demise of third-party cookies fast approaches.

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3 Mistakes holding you back from quality media investment outcomes


Every advertising campaign has the potential to produce better outcomes. Read three ways your media measurement strategy may be lacking, and how you can make it better.

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Oracle is turning into a cloud giant. Why its stock is a buy.


Oracle stock is rated as a buy by Barron’s. Called "a new giant" in cloud computing, Barron’s cover story is bullish on Oracle’s cloud software prospects.

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The disruptive Larry Ellison: Shatters tradition to reflect new cloud realities


Larry Ellison is reshaping the cloud software landscape by combining/integrating Oracle’s suite of CX cloud applications (sales, service, marketing) with Oracle Data Cloud products and changing the name of this new suite of cloud CX apps from "CX" to "Advertising and CX." And it is more—much more—than a simple name change or shuffling of words.

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How to 'weather-proof' your context strategy as consumer sentiment evolves


Context dictates the majority of your digital advertising strategy, including which media to bid on, which audiences to target, or which environments to avoid. The problem is that many solutions designed to help assume context is static (it isn’t) and that topics don’t evolve (they do).

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Five disruptive ad fraud schemes that siphoned millions of dollars


Using advanced invalid traffic (IVT) detection, Oracle Moat has identified five ad fraud schemes. Read the following recap to learn more.

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Oracle CMO Ariel Kelman says 2021 will be about investing—and synchronizing—technology


Ariel Kelman, CMO of Oracle, spoke at Adweek Outlook 2021: The Year Ahead in Marketing and Media. During his presentation, he talked about why marketers need to integrate technology into every aspect of their businesses and sync up these new processes and tools.

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We’ll never 100 percent go back to the way marketing used to be: Oracle CMO Ariel Kelman


Ariel Kelman, CMO of Oracle, sat down ahead of Adweek Outlook 2021: The Year Ahead in Marketing and Media and discussed the shifts that Oracle has made to support data-driven advertising and marketing (Adtech and Martech) and what’s in store for marketers/agencies in the future.

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Pandora's Open Beta For Audibility Is About Helping Advertisers Get More Comfortable Spending On Audio


After two years of research and working closely with Moat by Oracle Data Cloud, Pandora for Brands announces their plans to launch a first-to-market, robust Audibility initiative.

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2020 nominations announced for The Drum Awards for Digital Advertising APAC


The Drum Awards for Digital Advertising (formerly Digital Trading Awards) recognize the best digital media in advertising and the most effective technological innovations. Oracle a finalist Best Overall Technology for Programmatic Trading.

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Dailymotion Launches Up to 100% Viewability Guaranteed Marketplace in Collaboration with Moat


Vivendi-owned video platform Dailymotion today launched a premium video ad inventory marketplace with up to 100% viewability guaranteed in collaboration with Moat by Oracle Data Cloud, a leader in real-time attention analytics.

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