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Advertising and CX innovations

Creating relevant customer experiences

It only takes one bad experience to lose even the most loyal customer. AI is key to providing the relevant experiences that customers demand. But AI on its own is not enough; it needs data. Oracle Advertising and CX helps you realize the full power of AI and machine learning with data, intelligence, and applications that work together to help you make every customer interaction matter.

See the most recent innovations for Advertising and CX.

What’s new in Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience

Explore the newest innovations across all Oracle Advertising and CX products—advertising, marketing, sales, and customer service. Visit each area below to get a more detailed look at each of the key product enhancements announced this quarter. To see all quarterly innovation updates, visit the Advertising and CX Innovations page.

Oracle Advertising innovations—Data enrichment and in-game ad measurement

Deliver relevant and personalized advertising that breaks through the noise competing for consumers’ attention. Data enrichment allows you to add depth and breadth to your first-party data and deliver more targeted and relevant content. With Oracle Moat’s in-game ad measurement, you can be among the first to understand and leverage 3D, in-game advertising environments and reach consumers within the games they enjoy.

In-game ad measurement

Gaming environments are a unique opportunity for you to engage with consumers. Oracle Moat is the first solution that measures 3D, in-game advertising environments. With this innovation, in-game ad measurement is no longer limited to 2D mobile banner ads and pop-up videos.

  • 3D ad measurement
  • Active within PC’s, consoles, mobile, web, and virtual reality

Data enrichment

Enriched data lets you get to know your customers better and deliver more personalized advertising and marketing content. With a comprehensive set of consumer attributes, characteristics, and demographics added to your first-party data, you can deliver highly relevant content across channels, develop more targeted audience segments, and provide more relevant CX.

  • Augment first-party data with accurate data assets
  • Build 360-degree view profiles of customers with expanded insights
  • Increase personalization across channels

Oracle Marketing innovations—Real-time customer experience

The best way to provide experiences that connect deeply and drive conversions is to personalize campaigns, offers, and content in real time using data and intelligence. We’ve extended the power of AI and machine learning to offer predictive lead scoring for B2B, simulated customer journeys that can predict channel and campaign outcomes for B2C, and behavioral intelligence that derives intelligence from customer signals.

Real-time intelligence and personalization

The best way to provide personalized experiences that connect deeply and drive conversions is through data and intelligence. To help you create those customer experiences, we continue to build on our unified customer data platform. We’ve extended the power of AI and machine learning to offer predictive lead scoring for B2B, simulated customer journeys for B2C that can predict channel and campaign outcomes, and behavioral intelligence that can personalize campaigns, offers, and content in real time.

  • Predictive scoring for B2B
  • Predictive outcomes for B2C
  • Real-time personalization for B2B and B2C

Intelligent content management for real-time CX

Reduce your content creation costs and improve customer experiences by making it easier to create content at scale and deliver it in real time across multiple channels. Oracle Content Management accommodates any type of content, including streaming video, and offers enhanced content delivery to improve reuse. Step-by-step wizards, scheduled publishing, and multichannel calendaring make it easy for content creators to collaborate and then publish content in multiple channels.

  • Integrated video management
  • Content creation wizard
  • Multichannel calendaring
  • Scheduled publishing
  • Enhanced content delivery

Oracle Sales innovations—Next-generation sales for the entire customer lifecycle

Attracting and retaining customers requires more than intuition and relationships. Sellers need solutions that help them organize their workday, prioritize deals with the highest likelihood to close, and make sure hard-won deals don’t churn due to oversight. Customers want consistent experiences and accurate information everywhere they engage. Oracle Sales gives your sales team the insights needed at every stage of the customer lifecycle, helping you grow your business. Add in Oracle Subscription Management to help you build, manage, and track recurring relationships across all channels.

Sales insights

Become a data-driven sales organization. Sales insights gleaned from leads and opportunities accelerate deal velocity by alerting sellers when leads and opportunities need attention. Oracle Sales leverages native AI and advanced analytics to intelligently track touchpoints for each account across leads, opportunities, and even service engagements, and highlights which would benefit from additional attention.

  • Sales insights for leads and opportunities
  • Sales insights for accounts

End-to-end subscription management experience

Increase long-term customer retention and renewals. Oracle Subscription Management provides a unified view of the subscription lifecycle across your financial, operational, and CX solutions. New subscription analytics capabilities identify renewals at risk and customer churn probabilities. Predictive dashboards and AI models use current and historical indicators, such as usage and engagement, to show a clear picture of account health and help you see the top drivers that are contributing to churn.

  • Subscription 360 dashboard with health and churn prediction
  • Self-service subscription access
  • Subscription entitlements

Oracle Service innovations—Simplify the human side of customer service

The future of customer service is simple, consistent, and built to empower humans. A new, streamlined interface makes it easy for agents to author and find knowledge, so they spend less time looking for the right information and more time building customer relationships. Asynchronous chat allows customer service agents to engage in longer, more complex conversations with customers over time, while a simple, flexible interface helps your field service teams be more efficient.

Next-generation knowledge management

The next generation of knowledge management for B2B Service offers a unified and conversational activity feed that works like familiar web and social media apps. It proactively surfaces the most relevant information and reduces the time spent searching for answers. This intuitive agent experience streamlines the authoring process, helping to capture and deliver knowledge that your agents can use to quickly resolve issues.

  • Automated knowledge delivery
  • Simplified knowledge capture

Asynchronous chat

Asynchronous chat allows service organizations to engage in longer, more complex conversations with customers—even through periods of inactivity. By carrying over customer context and history from one related interaction to the next, customers avoid the frustration of repeating themselves each time they deal with the same topic, issue, or question. Service agents have the flexibility to respond through the customer’s preferred messaging channel for complex, longer-running service issues, improving customer satisfaction and agent efficiency.

  • Customer convenience
  • Agent productivity
  • Uniform experiences

Flexible and simple field service management

Make critical system configuration changes just as easily as updating resource availability or adjusting work zones. Oracle Field Service’s new intuitive, modern interface offers simplified navigation, requires fewer clicks, and allows users to seamlessly move from desktop to mobile devices (tablet or smartphone) with ease. Now, users in any role—such as dispatch, supervisor, or system administrator—can access the full functionality of Oracle Field Service on any device, from anywhere, to best manage service delivery.

  • Fully functional on any device
  • Take action with fewer clicks
  • Simplified, intuitive navigation

Advertising and CX demo library

See how you can deliver better customer experiences by unifying data and processes across sales, service, marketing, and loyalty. Oracle’s new B2B selling and customer service experiences show how continuous innovation gives CX leaders the tools they need to succeed.

New content authoring, publishing, and delivery capabilities (4:11)

See how new wizards and an intuitive interface make it easy to create a content article, schedule it for future publishing, and manage its metadata.

Intelligent marketing capabilities to personalize interactions (3:39)

Learn how we use AI to adapt to customer behaviors in real time with highly relevant customer offers and intelligent product recommendations.

Relevant customer experiences through a customer’s eyes (3:12)

Focused on a customer perspective, this demo shows how data informs a relevant, attractive subscription offer.

Proactive service that delights (2:18)

See how you can monitor IoT-enabled solutions and intelligently route field service teams, all while enabling field technicians with effective tools and knowledge.

Empowering sales teams to improve customer experiences at Aon

Hear how Aon is adopting new innovations in marketing and campaigns. Aon CIO Teffani Zadeh shares how Oracle Advertising and CX aligns customer interactions across sales teams and provides data to empower executive decisions.

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