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Oracle CrowdTwist Loyalty and Engagement

Connect your largest and most valuable customers with loyalty and reward programs specifically targeted to them. Oracle CrowdTwist Loyalty and Engagement increases profitability, deepens customer relationships, and improves customer retention.

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Explore Oracle CrowdTwist Loyalty and Engagement

Engage your customers

Capture data every time customers engage with your brand to build a full 360-degree customer profile that can be used to personalize interactions and offerings.

Omnichannel customer loyalty

Build customer loyalty by creating consistent loyalty experiences no matter which touchpoints—physical or digital—customers chose to interact with your brand.

Customer data capture

Collect actionable customer data across all touchpoints and channels and use that data to deepen connections with your customers.

Nonpurchase activities and gamification

Interact with your customers beyond the point of transaction and add gamification. Begin to understand why they engage and what motivates purchases.

First-party profiles

Build rich, first-party profiles of your most valuable customers by combining their brand engagement, social influence, and spend.

Integration with Responsys Campaign Management

Create more targeted marketing campaigns and boost conversion rates using the real-time customer loyalty and engagement data in Oracle Responsys Campaign Management. Segment and personalize your marketing campaigns more effectively by matching offers to customer preferences in real time.

Customized loyalty program design

Devise loyalty programs and customer retention strategies around your brand’s unique objectives and most loyal consumers. Oracle CrowdTwist Loyalty and Engagement provides customizable loyalty programs, a flexible SaaS platform, and more engagement opportunities than any other solution.


Allow members to form households within your loyalty program. Build a more robust program by letting members pool points with their family and friends to redeem rewards and access offerings faster.

Brand authenticity

Fuse the loyalty experience into your existing digital properties while maintaining complete control over the look and feel of the brand.

Brand value and impact

Drive brand value and encourage customer behavior through a strategically designed loyalty program that impacts revenue.


Launch loyalty programs quickly and scale as needed using our out-of-the-box widgets, including point balances and tier information, surveys, social account connections, and more.

Segmentation, tier levels, and personalization

Drive customer retention by employing data to refine segments, personalize loyalty marketing and campaigns, and offer relevant rewards and benefits that promote continued engagement and spend.

Integration with Oracle Unity Customer Data Platform

Precisely segment audiences and execute more targeted marketing campaigns by connecting loyalty data with marketing, ecommerce, service, and billing data. Scale personalization efforts across your adtech and martech stack, communication, and activation channels.

Audiences and tier levels

Create unique audiences and connect with customers through personalized loyalty campaigns, activities, and rewards based on member behavior, data, tier status, and more.

Personalized loyalty experiences

Reward your best customers and maximize margins with meaningful offers that match their tier level and interests.

Data push for segments

Power downstream marketing initiatives by pushing Oracle CrowdTwist Loyalty and Engagement segmentation data to your other systems, including CRM, marketing automation, email service providers, customer data platforms, and more.

Manage customer rewards programs

Motivate customers with various rewards and benefits to drive continued purchasing and engagement. Oracle CrowdTwist Loyalty and Engagement provides the flexibility to design and implement the most appropriate and effective reward strategy for your brand.

Diverse reward offerings

Create stronger connections with your customers by offering rewards they will value, including gift cards, sweepstakes, digital downloads, and charitable donations.

Reward redemption

Allow customers to redeem rewards by choosing from your personalized product catalog, applying discounts in an online cart or POS checkout, or automatically distributing rewards for a set number of points or a specific status or member segment.

Partner management

Expand your loyalty program to your strategic partners so they can award points for spend and engagement. Offer new ways for your customers to earn points across your partner network.

Program reporting and analytics

Evaluate your loyalty programs, member spend, and engagement behavior using our self-service analytics tool. Oracle CrowdTwist Loyalty and Engagment allows you to define brand-, industry-, and program-specific KPIs and create custom reports.


Access program and member insights from the self-service business intelligence (BI) and reporting tool and use that data to focus future marketing efforts.

Reporting dashboards

Create custom dashboards that include key loyalty program performance indicators, easy-to-analyze visuals, and expanded reporting categories.

Data export

Set up automatic data exports that regularly send loyalty program report data to a defined location.

Retail industry highlight

Discover how to build better relationships with your most valuable shoppers with Oracle CrowdTwist Loyalty and Engagement.

Red Bull Racing Honda and Oracle CX: Driving the fan experience

Oracle and Red Bull Racing Honda are teaming up to deliver unrivaled fan experiences and bring fans closer to the race through personalization and real-time engagement. Watch as the journey begins to unfold.

Oracle CrowdTwist customer successes

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Companies look to Oracle CrowdTwist to build customer relationships that extend beyond the point of transaction. Learn their stories by clicking on each logo.

Key benefits

Build meaningful customer relationships that last

Make customers feel valued for their loyalty at every interaction with engaging and rewarding loyalty programs.

How to add value to the customer relationship and build trust (PDF)

Create omnichannel loyalty experiences

Recognize and reward customers for engaging with your brand in the way that is most convenient for them.

Connect the dots for better CX

Personalize every communication

Leverage the customer data collected in loyalty programs to make every communication relevant and valuable.

Personalized B2C marketing best practices

Increase customer lifetime value

Understand your most valuable customers, market to them more effectively, and attract look-alike audiences.

Increase retention and acquisition

Create engaging, rewarding, and personalized customer-engagement–based loyalty programs

Easily create engaging, rewarding, and personalized loyalty programs with preloaded, guided user experiences and standardized CTAs, integration widgets, and gamification capabilities.

Video: Customer Loyalty Programs in Retail (3:21)

MARCH 9, 2022

4 customer loyalty definitions according to the pros

Waynette Tubbs, Director of Content Marketing, Oracle

So what exactly is customer loyalty, and what does it mean? Customer loyalty bridges both B2B and B2C marketing and sales and describes an ongoing relationship between you and your customer. It makes them more willing to engage with and repeatedly purchase from you. Continue reading to discover how several business leaders see customer loyalty and what they suggest to improve it.

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Customer loyalty

Customer loyalty describes the emotional relationship your customer has with your brand. Strong customer loyalty leads to higher customer engagement levels, strong customer retention numbers, higher customer lifetime value, and lower cost of sales. Loyal customers are willing to repeatedly purchase from you and advocate for your products, services, or even your brand.

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