How to succeed with your agile finance transformation

Ready for a finance transformation, and want to strengthen your skills before starting the project? Or are you currently adopting a digital model and want to do it faster and ensure your success? Oracle and the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants (AICPA) combined forces to create a first-of-its-kind, accredited course in digital finance. Learn how to successfully transition to the cloud and drive better business results while accelerating your career.

Agile Finance Transformation Certificate Series

To navigate market disruptions, finance teams look to technologies that will drive critical business decisions. However, only 10% of finance leaders believe they have the skills they need to support their organization’s finance transformation goals.

The Agile Finance Transformation Certification Series offers a blueprint to help finance professionals transition to a digital model by following a proven path. Participants gain firsthand knowledge from Oracle finance executives who managed the company’s own digital finance transformation.

You can take the full 30-module series for 21.5 CPE credits or any of the three individual learning paths.

Operational Excellence

Re-engineer processes to conform to modern standards with automation.

Digital Intelligence

Generate insights to drive decisions that create business value.

Business Influence

Adopt the skills and organizational factors to establish transformation success.

The Agile Finance Transformation Certification Series is available globally from the AICPA & CIMA store. Take 15% off the full three-part series or the individual learning paths with code "ORACLE15" through June 30, 2024.

Why choose this agile finance training course?

Digital disruption, constant change, and the growing value of data are making established business models obsolete. Technologies and automation help streamline processes and increase accuracy to deliver results faster and more easily.

The agile finance training courses focus on the knowledge, skills, and practices involved in digital transformation, helping you and your team add increased value to the business, improve productivity, have greater work satisfaction, and enhance your career development.

Take the lead in the future of your business

Learn how you can leverage technology to deliver faster and more accurate enterprise-wide reporting, deeper business insights, and a superior strategic direction for your organization.

You’ll get practical how-to guides for every phase of your digital transformation. Hear from Fortune 100 finance leaders how they integrated digital technology to fundamentally change their businesses. Each course includes best practices, expert advice, and lessons learned—with certificates awarded on completion.

Operational Excellence Certificate learning outcomes

  • Analyze how technology has raised the performance bar for finance teams and roles.
  • Determine how finance leaders foster continuous improvement and streamline processes.
  • Recognize the foundational components of operational excellence in finance.
  • Compare new, accelerated models for procurement, period close, reporting, and other processes to traditional models.
  • Identify best practices for quote-to-cash subscription-based business models.
  • Determine how companies use automation to strengthen financial governance, security, and control.

Learn to streamline processes

Digital Intelligence Certificate Learning outcomes

  • Indicate how advanced technologies are transforming finance and accounting.
  • Identify leadership traits that will propel careers in the emerging agile finance era.
  • Recognize how insights and analytics have become as much a part of finance as rules and control.
  • Identify how Oracle flipped its finance function from reactive taskmasters to driving strategy with insights and efficiencies.
  • Determine how automation is drastically shrinking timelines for common finance tasks.
  • Analyze new forecasting and planning concepts for managing constant change.

Explore deeper insights

Business Influence Certificate Learning outcomes

  • Determine why establishing business influence is essential for an agile finance model.
  • Identify and eliminate the barriers to becoming a successful strategic business partner.
  • Recognize your organization’s culture type to assess digital readiness.
  • Identify processes for setting expectations for change and overcoming resistance.
  • Differentiate the types of data analytics needed for progressive intelligence.

Gain skills for transformation