Oracle Absence Management

Key features

  • Access to digital assistants
  • Self-Service experiences for employees and managers
  • Support for configuring global and local absences rules
  • HCM approval framework
  • Administrator action tasks
  • Absence plan types for managing different entitlements, accruals, and payment definitions
  • Quick and easy configuration of absence plans and absence types
  • Integration with HR, Benefits, Time and Labor, and Payroll
  • Integration with third party calendars

Key benefits

  • Close the gap between absence entry and employee experience
  • Make your absence management policies effective and consistent
  • Monitor administrative tasks
  • Analyze patterns to avoid burn out and absenteeism and promote a healthy workplace
  • Improve collaboration between HR, Time and Labor, Benefits, and Payroll
  • Maintain a reliable absence management program

An increased focus on employee wellbeing has caused HR leaders to seek to uncover and understand the reasons behind their workforce’s absences so that they can promote a healthy workplace. However, this endeavor can be difficult when also trying to minimize the impact of complex compliance policies. Oracle Absence Management helps leaders improve employee wellness by managing and analyzing absences through a flexible experience that can adapt to shifting complex policies.

Manage absences efficiently

Configurable rules: Specify different criteria to comply with legislative rules and other policies. These rules and criteria can be shared across absence plans and absence types. Automate approval paths and rules according to your own standards.

Absence plans: Build absence plans easily and quickly by setting period terms, eligibility, accrual and carry over rules, entitlement definitions with different bands, as well as payment definitions.

Absence types: Create absence types by configuring absence validations, plan balance priorities, administrative tasks, and display appearances that will result in smart transactions for absence request or recording.

Remain agile with a flexible experience

Consistent absence policies: Absence administrators can react to regulation changes through full control over the configurations within Oracle Absence Management, including eligibility rules, validations, accrual and carry over rules, entitlement definition with different bands, and a variety of other policies.

Administrative framework: Leverage a framework to configure a set of administrative tasks and milestones by absence type. This framework allows management of medical authorizations, late notification overrides, as well as payment suspensions and resumptions.

Smart transactions: Configure the user interface based on legislation, roles, and absence types, which results in providing a smart interface and intuitive transactions for different users. Determine the information for each specific transaction by setting display features such as showing or hiding a section or field, enabling or disabling rules, and a variety of other decisions. Control what information is shown and what rules are enabled/disabled for employees and managers.

Offer options that cater to employee wellness

Compensatory time off plans: Oracle Absence Management can leverage Oracle Time and Labor hours (or third party labor systems) to update compensatory time accrual balances and keeps track of dates and earning rates to manage expiration and payment rules.

Leave donations: Enable workers to easily donate absence hours to others who qualify to receive donations due to medical emergencies or major disasters and have exhausted all paid leave available to them.

Self disbursements: You can allow workers to enroll in a cash out program via Oracle Benefits or leverage self service to request to be paid cash for qualifying absence plan balances.

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