Oracle Time and Labor Datasheet

Key features

  • Support all types of time entry (punch, duration, exception, positive) for employees and contingent workforces
  • Time Clock support and Web Clock (time clock simulation with Oracle Cloud HCM)
  • Flexible approvals to ensure accountability
  • Ability to create different types of time cards for different user needs
  • Multiple assignment support
  • Configurable business-driven rules for overtime, premium calculations, and time entry validations
  • Unified time entry with Oracle Absence Management and Projects
  • Report time against cost and location codes
  • Mass timecard creation, mass time entry, and mass approvals
  • Send time data to any payroll solution

Key benefits

  • Support compliance with company and external policies relating to time
  • Decrease payroll preparation time
  • Reduce pay errors and adjustments by accurate application of pay rules
  • Leverage a single source of truth for time related data throughout the enterprise

Increasing market shifts and uncertainties make it difficult for organizations to support a wide range of time recording needs for employees and contingent workers in real time. Oracle Time and Labor is a complete and easy to use rule-based time recording and management solution, designed to give you more visibility and control over your most valuable resource—your people.

Deliver fast and simple time entry and submission

Time card composer: Design time entry layouts that can be tailored to all the unique needs of different employee populations. A mobile responsive user experience supports time tracking and management from anywhere, anytime, and any device.

Web Clock: With a configurable Web Clock, location-based access can help ensure authenticity of time capture and rules can be applied to the incoming time events. For example, time registration to payroll process can be nearly fully automated if a manager is dealing with exceptions to expected working times. Time captured through the web clock can be combined with calendar and time card entries to provide support for a wide range of time management business processes.

Compliance alerts and attestations: Determine if people are complying with time policies and regulations by having them share additional information when they report time using Web Clock or responsive time cards. Attestations can be configured to appear when specified events or actions occur. Leverage intelligence to listen for expected behavior and send out alerts when the unexpected happens to minimize violations.

Align your workforce to business needs

Flexible shift scheduling: Flexible shift scheduling helps managers reduce labor costs, increasing employee productivity and satisfaction. With shift scheduling capabilities managers can view workers’ availability, public holidays, and contractual hours information while assigning work shifts to workers. Managers or schedulers can easily drag and drop shifts to make changes, update times, and edit other shift details including grace periods. Managers or schedulers can also easily swap workers shifts. Embedded analytics allow managers or schedulers to view when shift changes result in overstaffing or understaffing concerns. Once the manager or scheduler is comfortable that the shift assignments align the workers to the business needs, they can publish the changes for workers to view.

Overtime and premium hours: Overtime and premium hours are calculated in real time and displayed on the review screen before a time card is submitted. Complex union rules, global rules, and unique policies can be enforced.

Flexible time entry approvals: Time and Labor uses standard mechanisms for managing time card approvals. The delivered approval styles of line managers for multiple assignment, project managers, and cost center managers can all be designated approver. Complex routing can be handled and employees can even be designated in the approval process. Rules can be used to only require approvals on an exception basis. By leveraging a mass time card approval capability, groups of time cards can be reviewed at summary level and approved in one click.

Analyze and control labor costs

Role specific business analytics and intelligence: With capabilities for workforce management, Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence provides tailored insights into requirements and users – across devices, environments, and consumption channels.

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