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Oracle Hospitality for Hotels—OPERA Cloud Services

Next-Generation Hotel Management

Oracle Hospitality OPERA Cloud Services are a cloud-based, mobile-enabled platform for next-generation hotel management. Based on OPERA, the leading enterprise solution suite for the hospitality industry, OPERA Cloud offers an intuitive user interface, comprehensive functionality for all areas of hotel management, secure data storage and hundreds of key partner interfaces to meet the needs of hotels of all types and sizes.

  • OPERA Cloud Services Screen Shot 1

    The dashboard is configurable – you can get the operational data you need for your role.

  • OPERA Cloud Services Screen Shot 2

    The guest profile view allows you to see all information related to the guest, including communication, past stays, membership details and guest preferences.

  • OPERA Cloud Services Screen Shot 3

    The Look to Book view provides powerful rate query options for single and multi-property reservations.

  • OPERA Cloud Services Screen Shot 4

    OPERA Cloud provides a variety of standard reports, giving you access to real-time business insights so you can make informed decisions about your daily operations.

Future-Proof Your Business

Benefits to Your Hotel

  • By moving property management technology to the cloud, OPERA Cloud simplifies the IT infrastructure in properties, allowing hotel management and staff to focus on delivering exceptional guest experiences.
  • Web-based Platform: Purpose-built for hotel operations, OPERA Cloud Service is a cloud-based PMS solution with key capabilities to meet the needs of hotels of various sizes and complexities.
  • Mobile: Untether the front desk and serve your guests anywhere on the property with internet connection. Reduce check-in and check-out times and improve efficiencies by enabling your workforce with real-time updates.
  • Better Together: Ensure food and beverage operations run efficiently to maximize guest satisfaction and profitability with industry-leading point-of-sale and kitchen management solutions that integrate with OPERA Cloud Services.
Video: OPERA Cloud Is the Next Generation of Hotel Property Management System (2:02)
Dalata Drives Efficient Operations with OPERA Cloud

The timing was right for Dalata Hotel Group to move to OPERA Cloud with the consolidation of properties as they worked toward a seamless view of data with a platform that allows the hotel group to be agile, while maximizing revenue.

SantaPark Drives Growth and Guest Satisfaction

SantaPark Drives Growth and Guest Satisfaction

The company recognized the need for a powerful, cloud-based hospitality platform, which would be flexible enough to manage its attractions while ensuring exceptional service on a single platform.

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