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Week of January 25, 2021

This week: Two companies reduce ERP pain by moving to the cloud. Oracle helps students calculate the cost of attending medical school on a Caribbean island. A serial entrepreneur sees six “moments of opportunity” in 2021. Also: Artificial intelligence helps find the cure for what ails you.
“The freedom to pay per use, the flexibility to customize, and the high security of [Oracle Cloud Infrastructure] enable us to rapidly scale, at a very low total cost of ownership.”
Azmal Hossain, Assistant General Manager and Head of ICT, Ananta Apparels
Best of both worlds - image
Best of both worlds
Two companies—on opposite sides of the world and in different industries—liked their on-premises apps but hated the cost and grind of running them. Here’s how they kept the apps with a move to the cloud.
Strong medicine - image
Strong medicine
The American University of Antigua College of Medicine uses Oracle Student Financial Planning to provide opportunities and to help students with their financial challenges, such as calculating the cost of living on an island.
Reading tea leaves - image
Reading tea leaves
On the Oracle Groundbreakers Podcast, Bob Quillin, chief ecosystem officer at vFunction and serial entrepreneur, shares six inflection points, or “moments of opportunity,” for 2021: The technical debt bill will come due, the lift-and-shift experiment fails, and more.
Disease defense - image
Disease defense
Artificial intelligence is helping fight disease. For example, researchers used AI to track COVID-19 by analyzing multiple data sources, including government documents and social media in more than 100 languages, and the itineraries of billions of travelers.
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IFFCO slashes IT overhead costs
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