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Week of October 26, 2020

This week: Technologies to help employees get through 2020. New cloud-based management tools for systems administrators. Also: A Latin American logistics company keeps its engines running smoothly.
“The pandemic has pushed HR leaders to the front lines, and one of the biggest issues they’re dealing with right now is helping employees with mental health at work.”
Emily He, Senior Vice President, Human Capital Management Cloud Business Group, Oracle
Ai at work
Making it better
Meet four technologies that are helping employees with the challenges of 2020, including digital assistants to get answers about physical and mental health benefits, and training tools to help people get back to work after a hiatus.
Pristine seas
Saving the seas
Dr. Enric Sala of National Geographic’s Pristine Seas project is fighting off a major oceanic extinction event and the collapse of our life support system. Oracle supports Pristine Seas—part of a larger commitment to marine conservation.
Standing watch
The average multicloud systems administrator juggles 30 different monitoring and management tools, but administrators often find out about application problems only after users complain. Help is on the way.
PL/SQL 101 Part 4
Count on it
Learn how to work with numbers in PL/SQL, the core technology that is essential to unlocking the potential of Oracle Database. The latest article in our series will help you get started. And check out the whole series.
GB Podcast Oct.
The basics of AI/ML
The good, the bad, and the future of AI and machine learning: On the Oracle Groundbreakers podcast, three AI and ML experts explain the basics. What are AI and ML? How are they different? What are the greatest potential benefits—and risks—for these hot technologies?
Hands-on tech
Connecting to Oracle Autonomous Database with MyBatis

Using policies to secure Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage

Oracle Exadata Cloud Service X8M—No database workload is too large

Security patching made simple for Linux HPC instances in Oracle Cloud
Beating the clock
Solistica, one of Latin America’s top logistics companies, increases on-time delivery with Oracle Cloud while reducing transportation costs by 20% to 30%.
Oracle Cloud CX Virtual Summit: The Future of CX with Larry Ellison
November 9

Oracle Cloud HCM Virtual Summit: Addressing Employee Mental Health in the New Workplace
November 10

Oracle Food and Beverage Virtual Connect
November 10–12

Oracle Developer Live—Cloud Native Apps
November 10, 12
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