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Week of January 11, 2021

This week: Libraries in Los Angeles and New Jersey harness cloud technologies to keep serving patrons through the pandemic. A mobile app helps people recover from strokes and other brain injuries and illness. And a startup uses cloud-based analytics to protect remote workers’ laptops and phones. Also: Become a PL/SQL whiz with our 12-part PL/SQL 101.
“We knew a lot of residents were scared, and in some cases, the library was their only link to the outside world.”
Catherine DeBerry, Manager of the Bound Brook Library branch in New Jersey
Open book - image
Open book
Find out how librarians used creativity and cloud technologies to build new ways of serving communities during COVID-19.
Brain recovery - image
Brain recovery
An app from The Accomplished Brain helps healthcare providers deliver customized rehab and training to help people recover from strokes, Parkinson’s, concussions, and other neural conditions.
Cloud protection - image
Cloud protection
Cybereason, a startup, shuttles petabytes of data in and out of Oracle Cloud each day to find security threats in the laptops and phones deployed by legions of work-from-home employees.
Gartner ranking - image
Gartner ranking
Find out why Gartner gave Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing the highest score for all four use cases the analysts scrutinized: traditional transactions, augmented transactions, stream/event processing, and operational intelligence.
PLSQL 101 series - image
PL/SQL 101
PL/SQL is a core technology essential to getting the most from Oracle Database, providing enhanced agility, efficiency, and performance. Let our 12-part series make you a PL/SQL wizard.
Hands-on tech
An introduction to observability in API management

Free Oracle Cloud Infrastructure SDK code samples for almost every class and method in the Java, Python, TypeScript, .NET, Go, and Ruby SDKs

Automating CI/CD for Oracle Cloud Functions with Visual Builder Studio

Announcing customer-managed encryption keys for Oracle Exadata Cloud Service
Success stories | Hospitality
Minor Hotels - image
Minor Hotels improves continuity
Grupo Piñero - image
Grupo Piñero extends warm welcomes
Halldis- image
Halldis finds the ideal stay
Analyze Desktop
Oracle Developer Live: AI and ML for Your Enterprise
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Europe, Middle East, and Africa: January 28
APAC: February 2

Oracle Cloud CX Virtual Summit: The Future of CX with Larry Ellison
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Oracle Live: Announcing the Only MySQL Service with an Integrated Analytics Engine—HeatWave
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