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Week of November 2, 2020

This week: We survey 2,000 restaurant patrons in the US and UK about what they want now. Two multinational companies describe how they are taming analytics sprawl. And high-performance computing (HPC) helps one company with its search for COVID-19 treatments. Also: Get started learning to use dates and time stamps in PL/SQL.
“People don’t know exactly what changes they want, but they do want changes. They’ve made their desire to get back to restaurants clear.”
Simon de Montfort Walker, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Oracle Food and Beverage
Food to go - image
Food to go
Restaurants are adapting fast to meet demand and stay in business during the pandemic. Safety concerns and takeout top the findings in our survey of 2,000 patrons.
Taming the beast - image
Taming the beast
UK banking giant HSBC and staffing provider TrueBlue share how they tame analytics sprawl, centralizing control of data while still letting users get the diverse insights they need.
COVID-19 assistance - image
COVID-19 assistance
GridMarkets runs a high-performance rendering platform that it’s putting to work to find COVID-19 treatments by simulating complex molecular models.
British expansion - image
British expansion
Oracle launches cloud regions in London and Wales, providing high-performance cloud infrastructure for the UK’s private sector and support for its National Data Strategy.
Java tips - image
Java 15 tips
A convenient list of essential Java 15 resources to help you get the most from the new and upgraded capabilities of Java, which was released a few weeks ago.
Time check - image
Time check
Get started learning to use dates and time stamps in PL/SQL, a fundamental technology that’s important to getting the most from Oracle Database. Check out the latest article in our series on PL/SQL basics or start at the beginning.
Hands-on tech
Modern Java toys that boost productivity, from type inference to text blocks

Announcing Oracle Application Express (APEX) 20.2

Oracle Data Safe: Now globally available
Good medicine - image
Good medicine
Pharma CRM application provider Nomadvantage sees Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as key to expanding outside of France and enabling customers to deploy its software with a single click.
Oracle Cloud CX Virtual Summit: The Future of CX with Larry Ellison
November 9

Oracle Cloud HCM Virtual Summit: Addressing Employee Mental Health in the New Workplace
November 10

Oracle Developer Live—Cloud Native Apps
November 10, 12

Oracle Cloud SCM Virtual Summit: Drive Supply Chain Performance with Insight and Collaboration
November 17

Oracle Cloud Platform Virtual Summit: Build Applications Faster with Low Code
December 16
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