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December 2020
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25 Years of Java: Sharing the Code
Looking Back, Looking Ahead
This year saw a larger than normal outpouring of fond attention for Java, seeing as Java turned 25 in May. Even though there are five more months until the year of celebration is officially complete, December is a good time to look back at what transpired during the festivities.

We hope you'll enjoy the fun and educational summary in this blog post, Sharing the Code - Engagement from 25 Years of Java. And see if you can locate yourself or a colleague in some of the videos or articles!
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Moved by Java
On the Pod: The Inside Java Podcast
For Java developers from the people making Java at Oracle.

Inside Java Episode 7: The Vector API
David Delabassee with John Rose and Paul Sandoz

Inside Java Episode 8: Project Loom
Chad Arimura with Ron Pressler

Inside Java Podcast: All Episodes
Project Updates
Key Projects, Early Access Builds, Schedules

Important: Update on Biased Locking Obsoletion Plan
Technical Articles
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A crash happened outside the Java Virtual Machine
Joakim Nordström

Metaspace in OpenJDK 16
Leo Korinth

Towards OpenJDK 17, i.e. on startup improvements in JDK 16 and JDK 17
Claes Redestad

NUMA-Aware Memory Allocation for G1 GC
Sangheon Kim

Update on 64-bit ARM Support for Oracle OpenJDK and Oracle JDK
Donald Smith
Videos & Webcasts
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Why Java Matters to Me
Sharat Chander, senior director of Java product management hosts longtime Java users as they share their stories on their years with Java.

The Alice Project: Teaching Computer Science with Java
Eric Brown, Alan Zeichick, Jim Grisanzio

Constellation Research on How GraalVM Enterprise Keeps Java Applications Modern
Holger Mueller of Constellation Research and Manish Gupta, VP Java and GraalVM Marketing

Oracle's Java Webcast Series
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Java SE subscriptions, customer reviews, benefits for enterprises.
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