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  • Congratulations New ACEs!
  • Oracle ACE Product Briefing: Data Safe
  • Oracle Developer Live - Cloud Native App on November 10th and 12th
  • Our Updated Logos
  • Slides Available for Annual ACE Product Briefing
  • New Map Feature in Groundbreakers Directory!
  • ACEs in Action: Recent Headlines
  • ACEs@home - Episode 4
  • Bi-Weekly TechCast Thursdays
  • Want to be featured?
  • Announcing Oracle APEX 20.2
  • Ask TOM Office Hours
Congratulations New ACEs!
Oracle ACEs
Oracle ACE Associates
Register Now for the Oracle ACE Product Briefing on Oracle Data Safe
Calling all ACEs! Mark your calendars for ACE Product Briefing: Oracle Data Safe November 5-6, 2020 with Russ Lowenthal, Senior Director PM, Core Database Security.

Oracle Data Safe is an exciting new security capability for identifying and reducing risk in Oracle Databases. First released during Oracle OpenWorld San Francisco in 2019, Data Safe has been continuously enhanced and is now available for all Oracle Databases, on-premises and in the Oracle Cloud. This includes Standard Edition, Enterprise Edition, Autonomous Database, and Exadata.

Join us for an exclusive look at the Data Safe cloud service – we will cover what the service does, how you can leverage for your cloud and on-premises databases. This session is being delivered by the Database Security product management team just for the ACEs! No marketing, no sales pitches.

Please join us for either of these two live sessions – we are offering two interactive sessions to accommodate all time zones. Just click the URL of the session you are interested in to register. Again, sessions 1 and 2 will both cover the same content, but are offered at different times to accommodate everyone.

Register for Session 1:
UTC 15:00 Thursday, November 5
US/Pacific 07:00 Thursday, November 5
US/Eastern 10:00 Thursday, November 5
America/Sao Paulo 12:00 Thursday, November 5
Europe/London 15:00 Thursday, November 5
Europe/Paris 16:00 Thursday, November 5
Asia/Bangalore 20:30 Thursday, November 5
Asia/Hong Kong 23:00 Thursday, November 5
Asia/Sydney 02:00 Friday, November 6

Register for Session 2:
UTC 22:30 Thursday, November 5
US/Pacific 14:30 Thursday, November 5
US/Eastern 17:30 Thursday, November 5
America/Sao Paulo 19:30 Thursday, November 5
Europe/London 22:30 Thursday, November 5
Europe/Paris 23:30 Thursday, November 5
Asia/Bangalore 04:00 Friday, November 6
Asia/Hong Kong 06:30 Friday, November 6
Asia/Sydney 09:30 Friday, November 6
Oracle Developer Live - Cloud Native Apps
Join us on November 10th and November 12th for technical sessions, hands-on labs, demos, panels, and live Q&A with experts. Learn to build modern, cloud native applications using Kubernetes, Terraform, and serverless technologies on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Discover how to improve security, observability, and manageability for your apps. Create intelligent applications with machine learning.

Participate in hands-on labs to gain new skills and experience. Engage with experts to learn how you can build cloud native applications quickly and easily.

Join Oracle Developer Live—Cloud Native Apps and accelerate your app development knowledge with this free, virtual event.
Our Updated Logos
Our updated Oracle ACE Program logos and slide were sent on Monday, September 28th via email. If you have not received them or if you have any questions, please email
Slides Available for Annual ACE Product Briefing
Thank you for attending the Oracle ACE Product Briefing. We hope you found it valuable. As mentioned, we have uploaded the presentation slides without CDA material for your viewing.
New Map Feature in Groundbreakers Directory!
We have added map functionality to our Groundbreakers Directory. You can now search the globe by program, region and country and see the results on the map.
ACEs in Action: Recent Headlines
ACEs@home - Episode 4
Episode 4 of ACEs@home will be held November 3-5, 2020. Here's what you can look forward to:

Tuesday, Nov. 3rd
13:00-17:20 CET
(07:00-11:20 EST)
Johannes Michler, Debra Lilley, Gustavo Gonzalez, Mia Urman

Wednesday, Nov. 4th
14:00-17:20 CET
(08:00-11:20 EST)
Fernando Simon, Martin Bach, Julian Frey

Meet the Product Managers
Thursday, Nov. 5th
14:00-17:20 CET
(08:00-11:20 EST)
Pieter van Puymbroek, Nigel Bayliss, Kris Rice
Bi-Weekly TechCast Thursdays
The Analytics and Data Oracle User Community's bi-weekly TechCasts continue every other Thursday. Oracle ACE Director Opal Alapat will present "You Complete Me: The Long-Awaited Union of Oracle EPM & Analytics Cloud" on December 17, 2020.
Want to be featured?
We highly recommend that you add your contributions at least on a monthly basis so we can include your contributions in the ACEs in Action blog. Virtual option has been added to the presentation activity in the Review App.

Also please keep in mind, points may vary for self-published books and/or chapters. If you have any questions, please email
Announcing Oracle APEX 20.2
This release of APEX 20.2 introduces several new features and enhancements to help developers be more productive than ever before. From the all new Cards component, Automations, and REST Data Synchronization, to charts in Faceted Search, REST Connector Plug-ins, Report Printing improvements, Redwood Light Theme Style, and an exceptional code editing experience across all of App Builder, APEX 20.2 an epic release that has something for everyone.
Ask TOM Office Hours
Ask TOM Office Hours
Office Hours offers free, live Q&A sessions with experts in various aspects of Oracle technologies. Here's what's happening in November:

Hands on Lab: Extending APEX Applications with Autonomous Database

Bo English-Wiczling - Director of Program Management, Application Express

Database In-Memory Office Hours
Andy Rivenes - Product Manager

Maria Colgan - Master Product Manager

Explore Database Cloud Service
Tammy Bednar, Senior Director of Product Management, Database Cloud Services

Adrian Galindo, Principal Technologist
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