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Week of February 8, 2021
Did you read the one about records? The article about code review antipatterns? Elasticsearch? How about the listing of the 25 greatest Java applications ever written—from Minecraft to the US National Security Agency’s Ghidra? Lambda expressions, anyone?

These 10 stories were the most widely read last year. We hope you will enjoy revisiting the best of 2020.

Take care,
Alan Zeichick
Editor in Chief, Java Magazine
The 25 greatest Java apps ever written (Alexa Weber Morales)

Records come to Java (Ben Evans)

Inside Java 15: Fourteen JEPs in five buckets (Alan Zeichick)

Modern Java toys that boost productivity, from type inference to text blocks (Angie Jones)

Programming the GPU in Java (Dmitry Aleksandrov)

Five code review antipatterns (Trisha Gee)

Easy searching with Elasticsearch (Henry Naftulin)

12 recipes for using the Optional class as it’s meant to be used (Mohamed Taman)

Understanding the JDK’s new superfast garbage collectors (Raoul-Gabriel Urma and Richard Warburton)

Behind the scenes: How do lambda expressions really work in Java? (Ben Evans)
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