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October 2020
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Focus of the Month
Transformation sometimes creeps up on us and sometimes it greets us with surprise. We have all experienced immense professional and personal disruption over the past number of months, often resulting in an experience of ‘forced change'.
  • Businesses worldwide worked intensely to mitigate the impact of the pandemic by prioritizing digitization, cloud adoption, and emerging technologies, while many of us have personally redesigned parts of our homes to become 'Zoom-office corners’.
  • The Oracle EMEA Partner ecosystem also responded promptly to this call with innovation and modernization initiatives that resulted in ever increasing workloads moved to the Oracle Cloud, SaaS transformed industries delivering new value and OCI scaled customers ready for global growth.
This edition highlights those programs and touch-point to help turn your commitment to transformation to expertise & customer success.
Latest News from EMEA
Cloud Systems EMEA Partner Summit 2020
Join this year’s summit to learn about the latest cloud systems opportunities and business outlook. We will be sharing our joint achievements and listen to celebrate your successes.

New EMEA CCOE Cloud Engineering Team

Meet the fresh EMEA Cloud Center of Excellence Cloud Engineering team who are focused on supporting EMEA partners in each cluster/region. Get to know the team and join the conversation on Linkedin and Twitter.
Systems Community Event
Join the EMEA Systems Partner Event on October 28
Our new EMEA team is here to help you win
ISV Accelerate Initiative
Rapidly transform with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
With a three-year commitment, this initiative provides you with a focused set of technical Enablers to quickly implement or migrate your product or solution to OCI and develop a repeatable onboarding plan for your customers.
Even more EMEA ISV’s choose OCI
Success begets success. Let’s amplify it on
Nomadvantage, a Pharma CRM application provider sees Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as key to super fast “one-click” deployments and expansion outside of France. Learn about their business challenges, results and why they chose OCI.
Partner Perspectives Podcast Series
Customer transformation stories when shared by the partner who managed the customer implementation are much better. These podcasts aim to give an inside look at critical details on how individual projects are initiated and successfully deployed. Contact us to have your EMEA Partner transformation story featured.
Share your modern OPN Partner Expertise
We love sharing your achievements. Congratulations!
Abast Systems & Solutions S.L. joined Modern OPN and became the first partners to achieve the Microsoft Applications to Oracle Cloud service expertise in Iberia. Share your OPN expertise achievements by engaging with us.
Submit Go-Lives and show your Expertise
Leverage customer feedback for future business
A great project going live is the best opportunity to promote your company.
Work on your skills, earn the expertise and access new go-to-market benefits. We want more EMEA Partners to differentiate and gain visibility through Expertise.
Unprecedented Times: Does Artificial Intelligence help maintain mental health?
It’s official, 2020 is the most stressful year in history, affecting the mental health of 78% of the global workforce! Now is the time to act and support mental health at work.
Learn about the 5 key findings from this 12,000 participant Oracle & Workplace Intelligence study spanning 11 countries.
cyborg therapist
The cyborg therapist
AI and humans collaborate for mental health
Oracle AI@Work 2020 Study
AI can help employees deal with stress
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