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November 2021 | News • Events • Resources
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News, Articles, Blogs, Videos
Selections from Recent Months
Announcing the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Database Tools Service: Introduction & Demo (Video)
Jeff Smith, Brian Spendolini

Announcing the Oracle Cloud Database Tools Service (Blog)
Jeff Smith, Brian Spendolini

Futuristic SQL - making the impossible possible.
Connor McDonald

Video: What’s New for .NET and Visual Studio Code Developers in Oracle Database 21c
Alex Keh

New Videos: Oracle 21c .NET and Visual Studio Code Development
Alex Keh

Data Sheet: .NET Development with Oracle Database 21c
Alex Keh

Python cx_Oracle 8.3 with support for Python 3.10
Christopher Jones

ODPI-C 4.3.0 Released

Connecting CMAN - Traffic Director Mode to an Oracle Cloud Autonomous Database
Sharad Chandran R

Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Service: Most flexible NoSQL Database
Dave Rubin

We built a geo-distributed, serverless modern app using the Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Service
Dario Vega

Oracle Database Api for MongoDB
Roger Ford, Beda Hammerschmidt, Loic Lefevre, Josh Spiegel, Kongyi Zhou

Oracle Database API for MongoDB with Oracle Autonomous Database opens up an entirely new set of use cases for MongoDB applications
Beda Hammerschmidt, Kiran Makarla

6 New Oracle Cloud Infrastructure AI services