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Oracle Developer Live • Java Innovations
Oracle Developer Live: Java Innovations
All 14 Sessions from Java Innovations • March 2021
Keynote: Java Innovations…Today and Tomorrow
Java Language Futures: Spring 2021
Scalable Microservices for Java using Helidon and Coherence CE
Fast and Efficient Microservices for Java with GraalVM
Vector API: SIMD Programming in Java
Learn Java 16 with IntelliJ IDEA
Your Guide to OpenJDK Development
Monitoring and Troubleshooting Tools in the JDK
Project Skara: Migrating OpenJDK to Git and GitHub
How Java Records Can Improve Serialization
Cross-Platform User Interfaces, Developed with Java & OpenJFX Project
Accelerating Productivity with Micronaut and Java Records
Java 16 - Consistency and Innovation
Ask the Java Architects
Java 16 Announcement News
General & Early Access Releases
The latest in Java development.
JDK 16 General-Availability Release
JDK 17 Early-Access Builds

From the Platform Development Team
Technical Articles
Record Serialization in Practice
JDK 16 Security Enhancements
ZGC - What's new in JDK 16

Episode 16: Inside Java Podcast: Let's Discuss JDK and Networking

Inside Java Newscast #2: Vector API, Record Serialization, And Java 17
Inside Java Newscast #1: Java 16 Rundown, First Of Java 17

YouTube Playlists: All Inside Java Podcasts | All Inside Java Newscasts
Upcoming and on demand events from the Java and GraalVM teams.
Java | GraalVM
GraalVM, Weblogic, Helidon, Coherence

GraalVM Enterprise Virtual Hands-on Lab: Wed April 28, 10 AM, JST
New release: GraalVM 21.1
Building and deploying Spring Native applications with GraalVM
GraalVM Native Image and Docke
Micronaut under the Microscope: Kubernetes

WebLogic Server

The NEW WebLogic Server Remote Console
Run Oracle WebLogic Server on the Azure Kubernetes Service
Oracle WebLogic Server on Azure
Oracle WebLogic Server for OCI/OKE March release


Building Microservices with Helidon and Kotlin


Micronaut Coherence 1.0.0 Milestone 1 Released
Reviews of Java and GraalVM
What customers are saying about Java SE Subscription

“Oracle Java SE Subscription is recommended for large companies that have been developing with Java for many years and do not have exact knowledge of all the versions they have used during all that time, in addition to not knowing the current status of the updates of these versions of Java. With Java SE Subscription they will be able to optimize the use of Java and have a specific overview of how fundamental Java is in their business processes.”

- Moris Mendez, Corte Suprema de Justicia Paraguay

Read third-party reviews on Java SE Subscription.
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GraalVM is a straightforward environment for your Java applications (Virtusa)

Read how Virtusa is using the GraalVM technology to achieve
performance gains for enterprise Java applications. "GraalVM (…) an
optimum solution for running our enterprise Java applications effectively."

- See the full review here.

Oracle GraalVM Enterprise Edition - Powerful VM for Polyglot Applications

Read how GraalVM was selected because it helps scale up the performance of the application and reduces memory consumption.

- See the full review here.
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