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Develop new Java skills for building modern apps
On September 16, refresh and update your Java skills as experts from Oracle’s Java Platform Group deliver technical content highlighting recent innovations. Use your new knowledge to create the next generation of rich, scalable, and secure enterprise applications.

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  • Modern Java programming tips and techniques
  • Syntax improvements to the Java language
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  • Broad support of Java developer frameworks
Featured sessions
Keynote: Moving Java Forward
In this keynote, Oracle leaders highlight ongoing Java enhancements—especially relating to the Java 17 release—to showcase how developers can improve and accelerate modern application development.
Breakout Session: Pattern Matching in JDK 17 and Beyond
Explore the recent history, current state, and future evolution of pattern matching in Java. Learn how it improves developer productivity by enhancing the Java programming language with pattern matching for switch expressions and statements.
Panel: Meet the Java Experts
Hear from experts who are moving Java forward. Gain insight into strategic and technical factors that influence Java’s future innovations, and learn about key enhancements that facilitate modern application development.
Breakout Session: Java Management Service—What Is It? Why Do You Need It?
Recently added to the Oracle Java SE subscription offering, Java Management Service helps you understand your Java usage on premises, on Oracle Cloud, and in other public clouds. Learn what it does, how it works, and why it’s a good idea to use it.
Hands-On Labs
Choose from four hands-on labs featuring real-world tips and techniques to keep your Java skills relevant:
  • Explore the New Features in Java 17
  • Helidon and Verrazzano, a Powerful Combination
  • Practical Cloud Native Skills for Java Developers
  • Building Cloud Native Java Applications with Micronaut, GraalVM, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
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