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The first development milestone release (DMR) for MySQL Cluster 7.5 is now available for download. Learn the new features, test the software, and provide your feedback to help make the product even better.



Announcing the First MySQL Cluster 7.5 DMR

The first development milestone release (DMR) of MySQL Cluster 7.5 is now available. This release is based on MySQL 5.7, so users can enjoy all the great new features in the latest MySQL Database, along with the capabilities in MySQL Cluster, including shared-nothing clustering and auto-sharing. Download the product to test it and give us your feedback.

Read the blog for highlights about what’s new in MySQL Cluster 7.5.0 DMR.
Download MySQL Cluster 7.5.0.
Register for the on-demand webcast to learn the latest features in MySQL Cluster.

Uber Engineering: Designing Schemaless, Uber Engineering’s Scalable Datastore Using MySQL

In this three-part blog post series, Jakob Holdgaard Thomsen, senior software engineer at Uber, shares his insight into designing and creating Schemaless, Uber Engineering’s custom-designed datastore using MySQL, which has enabled the significant growth of the company since 2014.

Read part one: Designing Schemaless.
Read part two: The Architecture of Schemaless.
Read part three: Using Triggers on Schemaless.

Resource Kit: Deliver Innovative Communications Services with MySQL

Blending web agility and carrier-grade availability, MySQL solutions can help you deliver new and innovative communications applications and services rapidly and cost-effectively. MySQL supports mobile-to-mobile communications at Facebook, and MySQL Cluster powers the subscriber databases of major communications service providers and networks with over one billion mobile phone users. Access our resource kit to discover:

  • Why MySQL is the solution for a wide variety of communications applications
  • How to provide fully elastic real-time services with MySQL Cluster
  • How to benefit from web scale and agility, along with carrier-grade availability

Access the MySQL resource kit.

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New Development Milestone Release: MySQL Cluster 7.5.0

View the complete list of changes.
Download MySQL Cluster.

New Release: MySQL Database 5.7.11

View the complete list of changes.
Download MySQL Database 5.7.

New Release: MySQL Database 5.6.29

View the complete list of changes.
Download MySQL Database 5.6.

New Release: MySQL Cluster 7.4.10

View the complete list of changes.
Download MySQL Cluster.

New Release: MySQL for Excel 1.3.6

View the complete list of changes.
Download MySQL for Excel.

New Release: MySQL for Visual Studio 1.2.6

View the complete list of changes.
Download MySQL for Visual Studio.

New Release: MySQL Enterprise Backup 3.12.2

View the complete list of changes.
Download or try MySQL Enterprise Backup (login required).

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MySQL in SaaS, Part II: Effective Monitoring for Increased Performance, Security, and Uptime

Tuesday, February 23, 9 a.m. PT
Effective monitoring of your software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications is crucial to prevent security issues, ensure performance and uptime, and help you meet your customer service-level agreements. Effective monitoring also helps you increase operational efficiency and reduce costs. Part II of the MySQL in SaaS webcast series explains how MySQL Enterprise Monitor enables you to define security policies, obtain MySQL performance metrics, perform policy-based configuration and scheduling of automatic notifications, and much more.

Register for the webcast.

MySQL Jumpstart

Tuesday, March 22, 9 a.m. PT
This presentation provides essential MySQL concepts and details for people with experience using other relational database management systems. We will cover MySQL installation, file organization, basic MySQL architecture and server design, connecting to MySQL, and MySQL backup options.

Register for the webcast.

MySQL 5.7 and JSON: New Opportunities for Developers

Thursday, March 31, 9 a.m. PT
With the newly added native JSON support in MySQL 5.7, you can combine the flexibility of NoSQL with the strength of a relational database. In this webcast, MySQL Product Manager Morgan Tocker will explain the new JSON data type and the new set of functions for handling JSON documents, as well as available storage and indexing options. He will also present benchmarks in different use cases.

Register for the webcast.

View all the upcoming MySQL webcasts.

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MySQL 5.7: What's New in the Optimizer

MySQL in SaaS, Part I: Security, Performance, and Availability

View all the MySQL on-demand webcasts.

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Planet MySQL

Planet MySQL is an aggregation of blogs and news from MySQL developers, users, and employees. It is an excellent source of all things about MySQL, including technical tips and best practices.
Visit the blog.
Submit your blog feed.

MySQL Group Replication—An Overview

By Matt Lord

Using SYS.SESSION as an Alternative to SHOW PROCESSLIST

By Morgan Tocker

How to Get MySQL Optimizer Trace for a Query

Øystein Grøvlen

MySQL 5.7 Multisource Replication—Automatically Combining Data from Multiple Databases into One

By Tony Darnell

MySQL Replication Defaults After MySQL 5.7

By Matt Lord

Planning the Defaults for MySQL 5.8

By Morgan Tocker

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MySQL Sessions at ConFoo.CA—Montreal, Canada

February 22-26

Oracle MySQL Day Dubai—Dubai, United Arab Emirates

March 1

Oracle MySQL Tech Tour Manchester—Manchester, United Kingdom

March 8

MySQL Session at All China Oracle User Group’s MySQL Asia Tour Shanghai—Shanghai, China

March 11

Oracle MySQL Tech Tour Birmingham—Birmingham, United Kingdom

March 15

Oracle MySQL Tech Tour Istanbul—Istanbul, Turkey

March 15

Oracle MySQL Tech Tour Lysaker—Lysaker, Norway

March 15

MySQL Session and Booth at Great Wide Open—Atlanta, Georgia, USA

March 16-17

MySQL Sessions and Booth at FOSSASIA—Singapore

March 18-20

MySQL Session at All China Oracle User Group’s MySQL Asia Tour Tokyo—Tokyo, Japan

April 6

MySQL at LONE STAR PHP—Dallas, Texas, USA

April 7-9

MySQL Session and Demopod at COLLABORATE 16—Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

April 10–14

MySQL Session at Internet of Things North America— Chicago, Illinois, USA

April 13-14

MySQL Session at PyCon IT—Florence, Italy

April 15-17

MySQL Session at All China Oracle User Group’s MySQL Asia Tour Taipei—Taipei, Taiwan

May 9

Find a MySQL event near you.

Find an Oracle event near you.

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MySQL Performance Tuning Training

MySQL continues to deliver better performance through product innovations. In fact, MySQL 5.7 is up to 3 times faster than MySQL 5.6 in benchmark tests. However, do you know how to configure and fine-tune the settings to achieve such performance?

The MySQL Performance Tuning Course teaches you how to tune MySQL for optimal performance. You will learn best practices to use the vast array of configuration options, monitoring tools, and techniques employed by MySQL database professionals to keep your applications fast, efficient, and safe.

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