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Oracle is adding an entitlement to GraalVM Enterprise to the Java SE subscription.

Week of February 1, 2021
Hot news: Oracle announced the addition of an entitlement to GraalVM Enterprise—at no additional cost—with the purchase of a Java SE subscription. You’ll get all the GraalVM goodies, including the just-in-time compiler; a native image utility that compiles Java and JVM-based applications ahead of time into self-contained native executables; and multilanguage support.

We’ve assembled a collection of links related to GraalVM and also other articles on WebSocket, the JPAstreamer project, and CPU memory and cache architecture. We hope you enjoy these articles.

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Editor in Chief, Java Magazine
Special technology focus: GraalVM
In light of the news regarding GraalVM and Java SE, here are timely resources about this high-performance virtual machine.
The newest articles
Learning the WebSocket API for Java EE and Jakarta EE
WebSocket is a two-way communication protocol that lets clients send and receive messages over a single connection to a server endpoint. Java Champion Josh Juneau explains how to use the WebSocket API to enable communication between clients and servers.

JPAstreamer: Expressing Hibernate/JPA queries with Java streams
Mixing Hibernate/JPA and Java for database actions is neither completely type-safe nor intuitive. The JPAstreamer library offers another solution, explains Per Minborg, project lead and an Oracle Groundbreaker Ambassador.

Java and the modern CPU, Part 1: Memory and the cache hierarchy
You can better understand application performance—and optimize your software approach—by seeing how a server’s memory and cache architecture affect execution. Java Magazine is pleased to republish a popular series on CPUs that was written in 2015.
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