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Week of March 22, 2021

The Vermont Country Store pairs traditional values with modern ecommerce. People who love Java share what they most love about Java 16. And Oracle engineers volunteer for a crowdsourced website connecting people to COVID-19 vaccines. Also: Kubernetes simplified, with new private clusters.
“If this were the Marvel Cinematic Universe, then [JDK Enhancement Proposal] 394 is the original Iron Man movie. Sure, it’s fun, but the real significance is what it heralds in the larger reality of new language features that are coming.”
Ben Evans, Java Champion
‘People above profits’ - Image
‘People above profits’
The Vermont Country Store increased online sales 60% by marrying old-fashioned charm with cloud technology. When the pandemic hit, the company sacrificed sales to protect employees from COVID-19.
Favorite Java things - Image
Favorite Java things
The new Java 16 is packed with more goodness than a clown car. Experts pick their favorite features, including improved memory management, enhanced support for modern processors, and Alpine Linux compatibility, making Java friendlier to cloud native apps.
Friendly assistance - Image
Friendly assistance
After a Texas man struggled to find a COVID-19 vaccination location, his daughter built a website to help others in similar straits. Oracle engineers volunteered help, using the APEX low-code development environment to quickly get the service running nationwide.
Women’s History Month - Image
Women’s History Month
Read stories of inspiring women leaders, such as five female founders sharing life-changing moments, young people challenging Italy’s male-centric culture, and a female Oracle engineer harnessing technology to help fight human trafficking.
Kubernetes made easier - Image
Kubernetes made easier
Available now: Oracle introduces private Kubernetes clusters to reduce the operational burden of setting up and managing enterprise-grade cloud native applications.
Hands-on tech
Automatically scale Exadata Cloud Service based on workload (Part 1)

Synchronize parent-child REST sources in Oracle APEX

Announcing Oracle Cloud Compute E4 platform on third-gen AMD EPYC processors

Get free Java training and take the certification exam for $25
Success stories | Supply chain management
BLK - image
BLK expands global logistics
goPuff - image
Unicorn goPuff supports rapid growth
Studio F - image
Studio F boosts inventory reliability
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