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Marwa Diaf
Edited by Marwa Diaf
Groundbreaker Advocacy Program Specialist
Jennifer Nicholson
Edited by Jennifer Nicholson
Director, Developer Advocacy Programs, Oracle
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  • Congratulations New ACEs!
  • Oracle ACE Product Briefing
  • Our Updated Look
  • Want to be featured?
  • Oracle Developer Live - MySQL
  • Groundbreakers EMEA Tour 2020
  • Groundbreakers APAC Tour 2020
  • ACEs in Action: Recent Headlines
  • Gartner Peer Insights
  • Bi-Weekly TechCast Thursdays
  • Ask TOM Office Hours
Congratulations New ACEs!
Oracle ACEs

Oracle ACE Associates
Oracle ACE Product Briefing
Calling all ACEs! Mark your calendars for our annual Oracle ACE Product Briefing October 6-7, 2020. Typically we hold this briefing each year just before Oracle OpenWorld for ACE Directors, but we are taking this virtual due to COVID-19 and ALL ACE program members are invited! We will send an email out with the meeting link and an NDA that will need to be signed to attend. Please see the agenda below:

October 6:

Database Roadmap
9:00 - 10:00 PDT

Maria Colgan - Distinguished Product Manager, Exadata (Dev, X-team)

George Lumpkin - Vice President, Product Management, Database SQL

Database App Development
10:00 - 11:00 PDT

Mike Hichwa - SVP, Software Development, Database Tools

Joel Kallman - Senior Director, Software Development, DB Cloud - Developer Tools & Integrations

Kris Rice - Software Development VP, DB Cloud - Developer Tools & Integrations

11:00 - 11:10 PDT

Analytics Roadmap
11:10 - 12:10 PDT

Gabby Rubin - Vice President, Product Management, Analytics Platform, Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC)

October 7:

Essbase/EPM Roadmap
9:00 - 10:00 PDT
Matt Bradley - SVP, Product Development, Business Analytics, EPM Apps Cloud

Ashish Jain - Principal Member of Technical Staff, Essbase

OCI App Development
10:00 - 10:50 PDT

Sherwood Zern - Product Manager- Product Dev, OCI Development User Experience

Peter Jausovec - Product Manager/Strategy - ProdDev, OCI Development User Experience

10:50 - 11:00 PDT

OCI Cloud Roadmap
11:00 - 12:00 PDT
Ross Brown - VP-OCI, OCI Development Product Management
Our Updated Look
Our updated Oracle ACE Program logos and updated slide were sent on Monday, September 28th via email. If you have not received them or if you have any questions please email
Want to be featured?
We highly recommend that you add your contributions on a monthly basis so we can include your contributions in the ACEs in Action blog.

Also please keep in mind, points may vary for self-published books and/or chapters. If you have any questions, please email
ACEs in Action: Recent Headlines
Oracle Developer Live - MySQL
Join us on October 13th and October 15th, 2020 for technical sessions, hands-on labs, demos, panels, and live Q&A with experts. MySQL is the world’s leading open source database. This is your opportunity to discover the latest developments in MySQL 8.0 and the new MySQL Database Service directly from the software engineering team.

Learn from experienced developers and DBAs who use MySQL to power some of the world’s most well-known web properties.
Groundbreakers EMEA Tour 2020
The Groundbreakers EMEA Tour will be held October 1-15, 2020! This year's theme is "Let's go back to basics." Be sure to register for an opportunity to learn, connect, and build the community in a virtual capacity. Sessions include Cloud (OCI, Cloud-Native, Cloud Apps), Database (DB Development, DBA, APEX), Analytics/Data Science, Java, Developer Tools and Frameworks, and Hands-On Labs.
Groundbreakers APAC Tour 2020
The Groundbreakers APAC Tour has been organized by the APACOUC for the past 9 years with the goal of sharing knowledge and supporting the growth of Oracle User Groups and Java Communities in the region. The APAC Groundbreakers Tour will be virtual this year with presentations on Cloud, Database, Java, Hands-On Labs and more. The event will be held from October 19-30, 2020.
Bi-Weekly TechCast Thursdays
The Analytics and Data Oracle User Community's bi-weekly TechCasts continue every other Thursday. Oracle ACE Sean Scott will present on "Oracle Sharding for the 99%" on October 22, 2020.
Ask TOM Office Hours
Ask TOM Office Hours
Office Hours offers free, live Q&A sessions with experts in various aspects of Oracle technologies. Here's what's heating up October:

Developer Playground: Hands on Lab: Low Code Development with Autonomous Database
Bo English-Wiczling - Director of Program Management, Application Express

Explore Oracle PL/SQL: Continuous Database Migrations with PL/SQL

Jasmin Fluri - Data Engineer and Oracle ACE

Write Great SQL : Write Great SQL Office Hours
Chris Saxon - Oracle Developer Advocate for SQL

Oracle Application Express (APEX) : What's new in APEX 20.2
Joel Kallman - Senior Director, Software Development
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