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MySQL 5.7 is Generally Available! The new version of the world’s most popular open source database is 3x faster than MySQL 5.6, delivering 1.6 Million SQL Queries Per Second in benchmark tests. MySQL 5.7 provides greater performance, scalability and manageability, plus enhanced NoSQL capabilities with JSON support. Learn more about it in this newsletter!



Oracle Announces General Availability of MySQL 5.7

MySQL 5.7 is 3x faster than MySQL 5.6. It includes a wide range of innovations allowing developers, database administrators and DevOps teams to build and manage next-generation Web and cloud-based applications capable of processing ever increasing volumes of data. Also generally available is the new MySQL Router, which simplifies application development by intelligently routing queries to MySQL databases for increased performance and uptime.

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New Release: MySQL Database 5.7.9 (GA)

View what’s new
Download MySQL Database 5.7.9 (GA)

New Release: MySQL Router 2.0.2 (GA)

View what’s new
Download MySQL Router 2.0.2 (GA)

New Release: MySQL Enterprise Monitor 3.1

View what’s new
Download or try MySQL Enterprise Monitor (login required).

New Release: MySQL Enterprise Backup 4.0

View what’s new
Download or try MySQL Enterprise Backup (login required).

New Release: Oracle Enterprise Manager for MySQL Database

View the guide
Download Oracle Enterprise Manager for MySQL Database

New Release: MySQL Workbench 6.3.5

View the complete list of changes.
Download MySQL Workbench 6.3.5

New Release: MySQL for Excel 1.3.5

View the complete list of changes.
Download MySQL for Excel 1.3.5

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What’s New in MySQL 5.7

Wednesday, November 11, 9 a.m. PT
MySQL 5.7 is an extremely exciting new version of the world’s most popular open source database that is 3x faster than MySQL 5.6 and offers improved manageability and security. Join this webinar to learn about the key MySQL 5.7 enhancements including JSON support, InnoDB performance and scalability improvements, replication enhancements, performance schema, the MySQL SYS schema, security, GIS, optimizer improvements and more.

Register for the webcast.

New Replication Features in MySQL 5.7

Tuesday, November 24, 9 a.m. PT
MySQL replication enables the scalability and high availability of many of the world’s busiest services, particularly web services operating at scale. MySQL 5.7 delivers a very appealing set of new replication features including better semi-synchronous replication, enhanced multithreaded slave performance, improved monitoring, online configuration changes, options for tuning replication stream performance, support for advanced topologies, and more. Join this webinar to better understand the new MySQL 5.7 replication features allowing you to build rock-solid services for highly demanding workloads. You’ll also learn about features available through such as Group Replication.

Register for the webcast.

View all the upcoming MySQL webcasts.

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MySQL Cluster 101

Best Practices for Using MySQL in Monitoring & Management Applications

View all the MySQL on-demand webcasts.

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Planet MySQL

Planet MySQL is an aggregation of blogs and news from MySQL developers, users, and employees. It is an excellent source of all things about MySQL, including technical tips and best practices.
Visit the blog.
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What’s New in MySQL 5.7?

By Geir Hoydalsvik

Performance of Connection Routing plugin in MySQL Router 2.0

By Vitor Oliveira

Semi-synchronous Replication Performance in MySQL 5.7

By Vitor Oliveira

Derived Tables in MySQL 5.7

By Roy Lyseng

Multi-threaded Replication Performance in MySQL 5.7

By Vitor Oliveira

Inline JSON Path Expressions in MySQL 5.7

By Evgeny Potemkin

Replication in MySQL 5.7 GA

By Luis Soares

MySQL Performance: Yes, we can do more than 1.6M QPS (SQL) on MySQL 5.7 GA

By Dimitri Kravtchuk

Increasing MySQL Fabric Resilience to Failures: Meet the Multi-Node Fabric

By Alfranio Correia

MySQL Group Replication for MySQL 5.7.9

By Nuno Carvalho

Improved ALTER USER Syntax Support in 5.7

By Todd Farmer

MySQL for Excel 1.3.5 has been released

Bt Javier Treviño

Storing UUID Values in MySQL Tables

By Guilhem Bichot

How we Partitioned Airbnb’s Main Database in Two Weeks

By Willie Yao

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Unleash the MySQL 5.7 Power Tech Tour Series in EMEA

Tech Tours in November in Germany, Ireland, Austria, Italy, UK, Finland, Sweden, Romania, South Africa and more!
Check out the dates and locations and register now to join us!

MySQL Booth at All Your Base 2015 --- London, UK

Nov 13, 2015

MySQL at Madison PHP Conference --- Madison, US

Nov 14, 2015

MySQL Booth at PHP[World] --- Washington, DC

Nov 16–20, 2015

MySQL Booth at Live 360 --- Orlando, US

Nov 16–20, 2015

MySQL at Oracle’s Booth & MySQL Sessions at DOAG Conference --- Nuremberg, Germany

Nov 17–20, 2015

MySQL Booth & Session at Forum PHP --- Paris, France

Nov 23–24, 2015

MySQL Booth at JCConf – Taipei, Taiwan

Dec 4–5, 2015

MySQL Booth at UKOUG & Tek15 – Birmingham, UK

Dec 7–10, 2015

MySQL Booth at Open Source Conference Tokyo – Tokyo, Japan

Dec 9, 2015


Jan 14–15, 2016, Salt Lake City, USA

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Go Digital – with Self-Paced Training Options for MySQL

If you are looking to gain skills on MySQL, take advantage of our easy self-paced options which allow you to get the training you need – when and where you want it. Sign-up for the Oracle Training On Demand course options and test out our Digital training format today!

  • The MySQL for Beginners course helps you learn about the world's most popular open source database. Expert Oracle University instructors will teach you how to use the MySQL Server and tools, while helping you develop deeper knowledge of using relational databases.
  • The MySQL for Database Administrators course is designed for DBAs and other database professionals. Expert Oracle University instructors will teach you how to install and configure the MySQL Server, set up replication and security, perform database backups and performance tuning and protect MySQL databases.
  • The MySQL Performance Tuning course will teach you practical, safe and highly efficient ways to optimize performance for the MySQL Database. It will help you develop the skills needed to utilize tools for monitoring, evaluating and tuning.
  • The MySQL for Developers course teaches developers how to plan, design and implement applications using MySQL. Expert Oracle University instructors will teach you through realistic examples, interactive instruction and hands-on exercises using Java and PHP languages.
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