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MySQL Day Zagreb with iOLAP
19 April 2018, Zagreb, Crotia
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MySQL Day Moscow with Marvel and Softline
24 April 2018, Moscow, Russian Federation
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MySQL Innovation Day Redwood Shores
27 April 2018, Redwood Shores, CA
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MySQL Innovation Day Minneapolis
1 May 2018, Minneapolis, MN
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MySQL Day Woburn
3 May 2018, Woburn, MA
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Oracle IaaS and MySQL Workshop
3 May 2018, Dublin, Ireland
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MySQL Day Rome
8 May 2018, Rome, Italy
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MySQL Live Webcast
What's New in MySQL 8.0
MySQL 8.0 is the newest version of MySQL. Filled with many new features, it is one of the most impressive releases to date.
Join us to find out more.

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Docker Compose Setup for InnoDB Cluster
by Robert Neumayer

New Defaults in MySQL 8.0
by Geir Hoydalsvik

MySQL 8.0 Histograms
by Frederic Descamps

by Frederic Descamps
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Product Releases
New Release: MySQL Router 8.0.4 (RC)
View the complete list of changes

New Release: MySQL Connector/J 5.1.46 (GA)
View the complete list of changes
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Training and Certification
MySQL Performance Tuning Training

This course provides experienced MySQL DBAs with knowledge of how and why server settings affect performance, and when and how to tune them. It teaches students how to monitor their MySQL server and identify areas that impact performance, such as slow queries and replication lag, and how to diagnose and fix these issues.

Learn To:
  • Troubleshoot common performance problems.
  • Benchmark your MySQL server.
  • Tune MySQL server settings.
  • Investigate performance metrics with a range of system databases, command-line utilities, and graphical tools.
  • Design your databases and queries for optimal performance.
  • Diagnose and fix replication lag.
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