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October 2020
News, events, and technical resources for database application developers around the world.
Special Conference Announcement
Oracle Developer Live—Cloud Native Apps

November 10: Americas
November 12: Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific

Oracle Developer Live is a virtual event series for developers
interested in Java, Kubernetes, microservices, machine learning, Oracle Database, MySQL, DevOps, Cloud, and more. There are technical sessions and hands on labs with Oracle's best engineers.

Follow the conference discussions on Twitter: #OracleDevLive

View Technical Sessions from Previous Events

Oracle Developer Live—Oracle Database
Oracle Developer Live—Java
Oracle Developer Live—MySQL
The Latest on Oracle APEX
Highlights from the Oracle APEX Team
Oracle Application Express (APEX) 20.2 Now Generally Available

Announcing Oracle APEX 20.2
Joel Kallman

Faceted Search Enhancements in APEX 20.2
Monica Godoy

What's New | Downloads | Examples | Documentation | Videos

Hands on Lab: Extending APEX Applications with Autonomous Database

Developer Playground, November 3, 2020

APEX Video of the Month

Location matters! Map Visualization for APEX developers

Coming Soon

APEX 20.2 is coming to on-prem and Follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook to see latest news and updates.
Blogs & Articles
A selection of articles written by developers for developers.
Conquering the Complexity of Modern Application Development
Juan Loaiza

How to connect to your FREE Autonomous Database using Python from Cloud Shell?
Loïc Lefèvre

Build Swift apps with Oracle’s Autonomous Database and NoSQL
Bogdan Farca

Different SYSDATE behaviors in SQL and PL/SQL
Steven Feuerstein

Tuning Application SQL: DBA Masterclass Week 3
Chris Saxon

Connecting to Oracle Autonomous Database with MyBatis
Andres Almiray

Connecting to Oracle Autonomous Database using Jdbi
Andres Almiray

Tracking & Analyzing Water Usage Data in the Cloud with a Flow Sensor, Microcontroller & Autonomous DB
Todd Sarp

Exadata Cloud Service X8M—No Database Workload is Too Large
Bob Thome

Machine Learning Performance on Autonomous Database
Mark Hornick
New Release for Oracle Developer Tools
Oracle Developer Tools for VS Code 19.3.3 now available in Visual Studio Code Marketplace
This free extension for Visual Studio Code enables editing and execution of SQL and PL/SQL for Oracle Database and Oracle Autonomous Database. New features include SQL*Plus support, "Other Users" node in Oracle Explorer, SQL history and bookmarks, Autocompletion of proc/func parameters, and lots more.

Install | Getting Started Guide
Videos of the Month
A selection of videos from database application developers.
Keynote: MySQL 8.0: A Giant Leap for SQL
Thomas Ulin, VP of MySQL Software Development, Oracle

Oracle Developer Live -- MySQL
11 Technical Sessions and an Interview

Autonomous Linux, Open Source, and Contributing in 2020
Avi Miller, Sr Manager, Oracle Linux & VM Product Management
Recent Oracle Groundbreaker Virtual Tours
Information about Oracle Groundbreaker Online Tours.
October 02: Oracle Groundbreakers EMEA Online Conference
Developer Interviews

October 19: Oracle Groundbreakers APAC Online Conference
Developer Interviews

Coming Soon: A Selection of Session Videos from the Tours.
Webinars, Classes, Tutorials, Labs
Stay Updated, Keep Learning
Oracle DBA 2020 Data Masterclasses
View recordings for all the sessions in the DBA Masterclass series: Data Modeling, Data Security, and Application Tuning.

Databases for Developers: Performance
Learn how to make SQL faster in this FREE 10-part boot camp. The course is a series of videos on performance concepts, interactive SQL tutorials, and quizzes. You'll learn how to get and read execution plans, create indexes and materialized views, find slow SQL, and other performance tuning techniques.

Self-Guided, Hands-on Labs
Experience Developing in the Oracle Cloud

Oracle Dev Gym
Classes, Quizzes, Workouts

Learn and share SQL
Scripts & Tutorials
Evergreen Resources
This month's selection of resources for long term bookmarking.
Develop Modern Applications with Oracle Database
How Oracle Database can help you manage data in the software
development life cycle and build scalable, secure applications fast.
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