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Oracle's MySQL Image Coming Soon on Docker Hub Registry

Further enabling developers to rapidly benefit from the latest MySQL innovations, Oracle plans to provide a new Oracle-maintained MySQL image for the official repos on Docker Hub Registry, a repository for Docker-based components, in late February.
Read the complete press release.

Customer Story: Sony Boosts Competitiveness, Improves Customer Confidence, and Enhances Support with MySQL Standard Edition

Established in 1946, Sony Corporation produced Japan's first magnetic tape recorder and transistor radio. The company is now a global leader in the development and manufacturer of a broad range of electronic products. To boost competitiveness and improve response time for its optical-disc archive system, Sony evaluated several relational database management systems, and finally decided to embed MySQL Standard Edition for its performance and features.
Read the complete customer story.

Resource Kit: Achieve MySQL High Availability

How can you prevent costly database downtime? Which MySQL high availability solution is best suited to your specific needs? Access our resource kit to discover MySQL high availability options; see what's new in MySQL replication and MySQL fabric; and learn why major telecom organizations rely on MySQL Cluster for their mission critical subscriber databases.
Access the resource kit.

Blog: Proposal to Change Replication and InnoDB Settings in MySQL 5.7

In Oracle's MySQL team, we are currently evaluating potential changes to the default server configuration for MySQL 5.7. One of the specific changes we would like to make is with the following three related replication and InnoDB settings: binlog_format, transaction_isolation, and innodb_autoinc_lock_mode. Please let us know your feedback.
Read the complete blog post.

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Release Candidate: MySQL Cluster 7.4.3

View the complete list of changes.
Download MySQL Cluster.

New Release: MySQL Database 5.6.23

View the complete list of changes.
Download MySQL Database.

New Release: MySQL Connector/Python 2.0.3

View the complete list of changes.
Download MySQL Connector/Python.

New Release: MySQL Enterprise Monitor 3.0.19

View the complete list of changes.
Download or try MySQL Enterprise Monitor (login required).

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Achieving MySQL High Availability, Learn to Select Your Best Option

Thursday, February 19, 9 a.m. PT
MySQL has an array of high availability (HA) solutions ranging from simple backups, replication, and shared storage clustering all the way to five-nines availability, shared nothing, and geographically-replicated clusters. The purpose of this webcast is to help you discover which of the MySQL solutions best fit your needs, based on your HA requirements.
Register for the webcast.

How to Manage and Tune Your MySQL Installation

Thursday, February 19, 8 a.m. PT/4 p.m. GMT
Watch this live webcast and learn best practices in managing and tuning your MySQL databases, including backup strategy and load testing options, as well as upgrade processes.
Register for the webcast.

Analyze and Tune MySQL Queries for Better Performance

Wednesday, February 25, 9 a.m. PT
SQL query performance plays a big role in application performance. If some queries execute slowly, the queries or the database schema may need tuning. This webcast explains how the MySQL optimizer chooses a specific plan to execute SQL queries. It will show you how to use tools such as EXPLAIN and Optimizer Trace to analyze query plans. It will also review how the Visual Explain functionality available in MySQL Workbench helps users visualize these plans.
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Hands-on Lab: DevOps Made Easy with MySQL Utilities

Wednesday, February 25 (EMEA), and March 4 (APAC)
Join Chuck Bell, team lead for MySQL utilities, in the upcoming Virtual Technology Summit hosted by Oracle Technology Network. In this hands-on lab, you will receive step-by-step instructions on how to get started with MySQL utilities, learn what they can do for you, and discover how to modify them to meet your needs.
Register for the EMEA webcast on February 25.
Register for the APAC webcast in English on March 4.

MySQL Enterprise Edition for Oracle Database Administrators—Korean, Japanese, Chinese

March 5 (Korean), March 10 (Japanese), and March 12 (Chinese)
MySQL is a very popular choice among Oracle database administrators (DBAs) for web-based, custom and departmental applications, either on premises or in the cloud. Oracle Enterprise Manager for MySQL Database was released to enable Oracle DBAs to manage their entire environment from a single management solution. Join this webcast to learn more about Oracle Enterprise Manager for MySQL Database as well as the various other Oracle products now integrated with MySQL. We will also review how MySQL Enterprise Edition helps you reduce the risk, cost, and time to develop, deploy, and manage MySQL applications.
Register for the Korean webcast on March 5.
Register for the Japanese webcast on March 10.
Register for the Chinese webcast on March 12.

View all the upcoming MySQL webcasts.

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The MySQL SYS Schema

MySQL Security: Use Cases and Patterns

View all the MySQL on-demand webcasts.

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Planet MySQL

Planet MySQL is an aggregation of blogs and news from MySQL developers, users, and employees. It is an excellent source of all things about MySQL, including technical tips and best practices.
Visit the blog.
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A Multisource Replication Scenario: 10 Masters, 1 Slave.

By Keith Hollman

Performance Issues and Fixes—MySQL 5.6 Semi-Synchrnous Replication

By Yoshinori Matsunobu

Proposal to Change Additional Defaults in MySQL 5.7

By Morgan Tocker

How to Use SSL and MySQL Client Library in the Same Binary

By Venkata Sidagam

MySQL 5.7 Labs and the HTTP Plugin—Inserting, Updating, And Deleting Records in MySQL Via HTTP

By Tony Darnell

MySQL Relay Log Recovery When SQL Thread's Position is Unavailable

By Sujatha Sivakumar

MySQL Optimizer Picks Covering Index Before Non-Covering Indexes in MySQL 5.7.5

By Ted Wennmark

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MySQL Sessions at ConFoo CA—Montreal, Canada

February 16–20

MySQL Session at Southern California Linux Expo 2015—Los Angeles, California

February 19–22

MySQL Tech Tour: Out of the Box MySQL High Availability, Performance, and Scalability—Madrid, Spain

February 25

MySQL Tech Tour: Out of the Box MySQL High Availability, Performance, and Scalability—Milan, Italy

February 26

MySQL Session at OpenSource Conference Japan—Tokyo, Japan

February 27–28

MySQL Sessions at FOSSAISA—Singapore

March 13–15

MySQL Session at Midwest PHP—Minneapolis, Minnesota

March 14–15

MySQL Tech Tour: Out of the Box MySQL High Availability, Performance, and Scalability—Oslo, Norway

March 17

MySQL Tech Tour: Out of the Box MySQL High Availability, Performance, and Scalability—Tel Aviv, Israel

March 19

MySQL Tech Tour: Out of the Box MySQL High Availability, Performance, and Scalability—Prague, Czech Republic

March 19

MySQL Team at MidCamp 2015—Chicago, Illinois

March 19–22

MySQL Tech Tour: Out of the Box MySQL Availability, Performance, and Scalability—Istanbul, Turkey

March 26

MySQL Team at PyCon 2015—Montreal, Canada

April 8–16

MySQL Team at Linux Open Administration Days—Antwerp, Belgium

April 11–12

MySQL Team at Open Source Days 2015—Bielsko, Poland

April 17–19

MySQL Team at JAX 2015—Mainz, Germany

April 20–24

Great Indian Developer Summit—Bangalore, India

April 21–25

MySQL Team at JavaScript UnConference—Hamburg, Germany

April 25–26

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MySQL Training from the Source to Support your Cloud Deployment

Oracle University provides expert-developed training options to ensure you get the most out of MySQL when running in the cloud. Take advantage of featured training and certification options, including

MySQL for Database Administrators

MySQL for Developers
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