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Partner Learning in August 2021

Join our digital learning and live virtual classes in August and further enhance your skills capability!
Dear Partner,
We are pleased to be able to offer you the opportunity to join a selection of new learning focused workshops throughout August!
Join our Live Virtual Classes, as our instructors take you through these exciting workshops, designed to further enhance your skills capability.

For more details and to register, please review the links below.

We look forward to seeing you there!

The Oracle Team
Cloud Applications Training
Cloud Applications Training:

August 16-18, 2021
Supply Chain Management: Quality, Maintenance & IoT Asset Monitoring Workshop

August 23-27, 2021
Human Capital Management: Workforce Development Workshop
Cloud Infrastructure Training
Cloud Infrastructure Training:
August 10 - 12, 2021
Oracle Analytics Workshop for Partners

August 11, 2021
Oracle Data Safe Workshop

August 12-13, 2021
Move and Improve Oracle Apps

August 12, 2021
MySQL Database Service HeatWave Hands-on Workshop

August 16, 2021
Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud Workshop

August 17, 2021
Oracle Autonomous Database Workshop

August 19, 2021
Oracle Cloud Analytics for Business - Data Visualization Workshop

August 19-20, 2021
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Basic Workshop (Polish)

August 24-25, 2021
Oracle Cloud Security Workshop

August 25, 2021
Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Strategies in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Environment

August 26, 2021
APEX for Autonomous

August 26-27, 2021
Oracle Cloud Platform Data Management Workshop

August 27, 2021
Get Started with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Hands-on Workshop for Partners

August 30, 2021
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Core Security

August 31 – September 01, 2021
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Certification Preparation Workshop
License & Hardware Training
License & Hardware Training:

August 18, 2021
Public Sector Lunch Session (German)

August 19, 2021
Oracle Sparc Sales Webinar

August 24, 2021
Oracle Exadata & Exadata Cloud@Customer Sales & Technical Workshop

August 25, 2021
Webinar: Cloud Economics of Exadata Cloud@Customer for the CxO

August 26, 2021
Oracle Exadata@Customer (Polish)
Soft Skills and Other Training
Soft Skills and Other Training:

August 17-19, 2021
Thrive Together - Powerful Business Conversation | 3rd Event

August 24-26, 2021
Thrive Together - Powerful Business Conversation | 4th Event

August 31, 2021
ECN Expert Talks - Session 7: Securing a Shifting Landscape: Corporate Perceptions of Nation-state Cyber-threats
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