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Week of February 15, 2021

As Black History Month continues, we share a leadership discussion around the movie Black Boys with a group of college students, including Black athletes. Also: Global problems need solutions from startups with diverse founders. Does your career need a gig economy fling? And: Why L2 network virtualization helps move on-premises apps to the cloud.
“We told the players that, by default, the sport you play makes you a leader on campus, even if you don’t see yourself that way. I reminded them that Martin Luther King Jr. was in his 20s when he led the civil rights movement, and John Lewis was just as young when he was getting into ‘good trouble.’”
Terrance Ruth, Lecturer, Department of Social Work, North Carolina State University
Movement, not a moment - image
‘Movement, not a moment’
A conversation about leadership with a group of young people, including several Black student-athletes, explores what it’s like to grow up Black and male in America. An Oracle VP hosts the discussion.
Cultivate audacity - image
Cultivate audacity
Needed: Startups with diverse founders to tackle the world’s hardest problems, such as hunger and healthcare. Startup backers including TaskRabbit founder Leah Solivan explain why, and what it takes to succeed.
Time for a gig fling? - image
Time for a gig fling?
What if you could get the excitement that comes with gig economy work while keeping what you like about a full-time job? (Like the paycheck.) Here’s how employers could make that happen.
Database security - image
Database security
The analyst firm KuppingerCole finds that Oracle Database leads in both innovation and data security product breadth for the third consecutive year, while AWS and Microsoft Azure tie for seventh place.
L2 network virtualization - image
L2 network virtualization
Layer 2 network virtualization is key to letting many on-premises apps written for physical networks run without alteration in the cloud.
Hands-on tech
How to use bash script to refresh an autonomous database

How to ingest Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) VCN flow logs into OCI Logging Analytics

Synchronize data from REST services to local table, with no code at all

A simple guide for migration of data to Oracle Autonomous Database using Enterprise Manager
Success stories | Public sector
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Atlanta modernizes business processes
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Mexican state fights COVID-19
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Austrian ag agency speeds payments
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