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APEX app creator spotlight: a certification engine + interactive resume

May 2021
Little actions add up—and that’s the kind of thing Hesham Abu Elenain notices. Hesham is a senior Oracle Application Express (APEX) developer for the Alexandria Port Authority in Egypt, so it’s no surprise he’s fond of using Oracle APEX to solve all sorts of problems, inside and outside of work. When a friend who runs a training business asked Hesham to help create a tool that could reduce the time and effort to prepare certificates for attendees, he jumped in to help. The result? A process that previously took 37 hours now takes just one minute.

In our first APEX app creator spotlight, we look at two ingenious apps Hesham built with APEX. Have you used code to automate away the annoyances? Write me with your thoughts.

Alexandra Weber Morales, Oracle Director of Developer Content
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