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Week of April 12, 2021

Vanguard’s firmwide move to the cloud speeds key business processes. Accenture and Oracle CEOs discuss today’s “compressed transformation” to the cloud. COVID-19 has forever changed clinical trials and the search for new drugs. Also: Modernize monolithic Java apps.
“Running our business in the cloud has a lot of benefits over on-premises data centers. Resiliency is much better, and the cost aspects of running on-prem data centers versus the cloud was an important consideration for us.”
John Bendl, Principal, Funds CFO and Chief Accounting Officer, Vanguard
Vanguard’s gains - image
Vanguard’s gains
When financial giant Vanguard moved to the cloud, it revised business processes to move faster, seeing gains in the accounts payable close, invoice approvals, and more. Even users who don’t interact directly with business platforms see benefits, says Vanguard’s John Bendl.
CEO summit - image
CEO summit
Systems integrators are leaning on tech partners, such as Oracle, to keep up with high customer demand, as big companies face “compressed transformation” accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Accenture CEO Julie Sweet discusses this trend with Oracle CEO Safra Catz.
Clinical trials reinvented - image
Clinical trials reinvented
Technology played a pivotal role in keeping clinical trials active as COVID-19 made in-person visits difficult. Biopharmaceutical companies were able to conduct remote clinical trials by using tracking devices, mobile apps, and telemedicine.
Beyond the spreadsheet - image
Beyond the spreadsheet
Sarah Murphy, Oracle senior financial controller, says cloud applications let her team keep the familiar spreadsheet interface and ditch the tedium: “We’re not only performing critical tasks quicker, we’re doing it better, and we have opportunities to add value too.”
Modernizing monoliths - image
Modernizing monoliths
Legacy Java applications need to be modernized for the cloud, but enterprises can’t risk breaking those vital applications. Learn how vFunction can help by refactoring legacy applications into microservices and deploying them on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
Hands-on tech
Using IP rules to access Oracle Autonomous Database

Model deployment for real-time predictions is now available in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Science

Enhancements to cost governance on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

Announcing improved navigation for the OCI console
Success stories | Marketing
Vermon Country Store - image
Vermont retailer adjusts for COVID-19
Red Bull Racing
Red Bull Racing Honda wows fans
Broadcom - image
Broadcom manages rapid growth
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