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Oracle Cloud Guard: Automating Cloud Security with Security Posture Management
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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Cloud Guard
A cloud-native detect-and-respond solution that detects mis-configured resources and insecure activities.
Companies are moving more business-critical workloads to the cloud than ever before. The increase in cloud adoption has created new security “blind spots” that have contributed to more than 200 breaches over the past two years. Mis-configured resources and insecure activity present two distinct attack surfaces when operating in an infrastructure-as-a-service cloud environment. Cloud users and administrators are now expected to know how cloud security services work, configure them correctly, and maintain their cloud deployments.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)'s Cloud Guard is a cloud-native detect-and-respond solution that detects misconfigured resources and insecure activities at scale. Cloud Guard acts as a log and events aggregator that directly integrates with all major Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services (Compute, Networking, Storage, etc.), providing actionable results. Cloud security administrators are provided built-in, embedded expertise for a seamless knowledge transfer experience. Cloud Guard offers the flexibility to act on security issues manually or automatically with conditional operators.

Join us on this webcast and learn how to Oracle Cloud Guard helps automating Cloud Security and how it can be deployed in your OCI tenancy with minimal setup required.
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October 29, 2020
10 a.m. CET (9 a.m. GMT/11 a.m. EET)
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Mihai Dragomir
Mihai Dragomir
Partner Cloud Engineer

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