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In 2021, cloud native developers will go to the edge

February 2021
You can see cloud native’s growing importance everywhere: in the degree programs for cloud engineers, in the way utility computing has kept economies afloat during a pandemic, and in the evolving strategies to make the hybrid cloud accessible for every application. Look no further this month than Oracle’s new Roving Edge Infrastructure, a ruggedized data center in a box that can handle workflows between the field, edge locations, on-premises computing, and the cloud. What kinds of applications need a Roving Edge Device (RED)? Agriculture, environment, disaster, telecom, healthcare… the list goes on.

Now you can undertake resource-intensive efforts—such as training a machine learning model—and deploy to any node of the hybrid cloud, according to Clay Magouyrk, the executive leading Oracle Cloud Infrastructure engineering: “These models can now be built using the elastic resources in the public cloud, deployed to a RED in the field for low-latency local use, and later improved when local data captured on the RED is synchronized back to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage.”

Is 2021 shaping up to be a big year for cloud native developers? Write me with your thoughts.

Alexandra Weber Morales, Oracle Director of Developer Content
Oracle’s Clay Magouyrk redefines hybrid cloud strategy

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